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How to disassemble the laptop and trouble-shoot it

Are you interested to know how to disassemble the laptop and trouble-shoot it? How to open a MacBook or MS Surface laptop or other brand laptops and so on? If yes, please read this article for basic understanding before you proceed it for.

If you are a hardware or laptop technician then you must be an expert on this and not necessary to guide you. If you are a newbie to this or trying to learn something by opening up the laptop then you should remember few things and steps before you leap into it.

You might have many questions as follow in your mind to know.

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There could be two types of laptops in front of you. One is running one and the other one could be malfunction or dead one. Each has to handle differently.

Have you seen the laptop tear down or opening it for technical trouble-shooting?

You may or may not have seen or tried to open one or more laptops from one or many brands. Each brand laptop tear down is a different experience. You need to learn and handle it accordingly if you are afresh.

For example, Apple MacBook Pro laptop tear down is one of the toughest one compare to other laptops. Though nothing is impossible to disassemble and assemble it.

There are few more brands' recent laptops too are tough to open, disassemble and assemble them.

Keeping the tools to open the laptop is not sufficient but need ample knowledge about it till it get back to its former state.

Few things to remember if you are trying to disassemble the laptop.

Make sure that you have some basic knowledge about it.

You should be in a status that in case if the laptop won't work after tear down then you shouldn't concern much.

Courage also one of the important key point to learn it.

Remember to remove the electric connection or its adapter before tear down.

Also, remember to remove the (external) battery of the laptop before started to screw out something. If the laptop has non-removal battery then make sure not to power-on while disassembling them.

These days, it has become easy to open the toughest assembled laptop, like MacBook Pro and on. It is all because of YouTube or online guidance.

Don't be hurry to open and close the laptop. Each step and its related parts are very important. Do remember what you do in a cool manner.

Keep all the tools and its disassemble parts in one tray or place. Don't miss it.

Don't hurry in tear down the laptop. There could be few internal parts attached to other tearing panel. So, move wisely.

If the laptop RAM is malfunction then you can on the laptop but it won't start or show any display. Make sure RAM has no issue, or, try to replace it (if you have) to check before buying it for replacement.

In rare scenario, few old laptop won't on when its battery is placed. Removing the battery from the laptop might work. 

Few laptops are  there that except its fan, you can not do any changes. There are many scenario like this.

Also, for more ideas on how to open or tear down the laptop, it is better to read few articles and watch the YouTube for the particular topic to get an idea.

Hope this article helped you to get something out of it on the above subject matter. Stay tuned. We will update more on this till you learn something out of it.