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Samsung Odyssey G7 27-inch and 32-inch monitor for Pro Gamers

Samsung Electronics’ new gaming monitor, the Odyssey G7 (27-inch and 32-inch), has been optimized to provide the best gaming experience possible.

If you are a Pro-gamer then this is one more option for you.

Samsung has announced Odyssey G7 PC monitor for pro gamers. The monitor that offers the visual acuity required by today’s high-definition gaming style.

A 27-inch Odyssey G7 monitor and a 32-inch Odyssey G7 monitor with sleek, sophisticated design and circular lighting on the back of the device emits a subtle blue light. 

Samsung Odyssey G7 features:

These device would suit any user, regardless of their height or gaming preferences, as users can adjust the height of the monitor via its stand for utmost comfort and convenience when gaming.

The gadget would help you for fast response time and high refresh rate for better performance. 

You would find high screen refresh rate of 240Hz, meaning that gamers can enjoy smooth transitions and complete control over their gaming experiences.

If you are a multi-player or single-player in game, total immersion in your game is a key factor in helping you play your best. 

It offers consistent brightness, contrast range and color coordination from the center to each edge of the monitor. 

The gamer would feel smooth game performance and fast response time, even during action-heavy gameplay scenarios. Samsung Odyssey G7 Monitor is there for you.

The starting price of the monitor is approx INR 55,000. Stay tuned for more updates.