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NUOS Touchless Thermal Scanner: Features and price

The First Indian IR Touchless Thermal Scanner launched by NUOS Home Automation safeguards workplaces from Covid19.

NUOS Home Automation announced India’s first ever IR Touchless Thermal Scanner for Covid19 Safety, an infrared wall-mount thermal touchless detector, for automatically detecting persons with elevated body temperature.

As per the Government of India’s Standard Operating procedure for Social Distancing for Offices, Workplaces, Factories and Establishments, the thermal scanning of everyone entering and exiting the workplace / establishment is deemed mandatory. 

The installation of these touchless thermal scanners at the entrances of institutions and commercial establishments like offices, shops, clinics  and also the entrances of societies and households will play a crucial role in curbing the spread of the deadly virus, by indicating whether a person has fever, one of the symptoms of Covid-19 in case.

The NUOS IR Touchless Thermal Scanner will not only detect an infected person at the entrance of a premise, but also  restrict their entry through its Relay Output, which is used to control the entire automated door to allow / disallow people based on their health condition.

The installation does not need any civil work or rewiring. It fits in existing spaces on a wall and can be plugged in a regular 110-230V AC socket. No operator is needed to operate the scanner. 

It is wall-mount and Touchless, thereby reducing the risk of contracting the disease from an infected person and then re-transmitting to all the people getting scanned subsequently. 

In addition, the device is completely battery-less and is Plug and Play- one can stick it on the wall at comfortable height and plug into a 110-240VAC power socket to power up. 

NUOS IR Thermal Touchless Scanner price: INR 13,999+Tax.

You can order it online for individual use at

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