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LYPERTEK TEVI Truly Wireless (TWS) earbuds is now available in India

LYPERTEK has announced that TEVI TWS (earbuds) is available in India. It is garnering rave reviews across the world. LYPERTEK focuses on developing products that take you straight to the sound / Audio.

Offering every possible incentive for an audiophile to go wireless.

The LYPERTEK TEVI packs a complete audio system DAC and Amp inclusive to create a unique sound and an unparalleled 70-hour battery life. Performance is not the only amazing thing in the TEVI. 

The other thing that leaves an impression is its premium design and the elegant fabric body of the charging case. TEVI enriches your overall music listening experience.

Qualcomm® chipset and Kalimba DSP for top-notch connectivity and unparalleled sound

LYPERTEK employs a triple-core Qualcomm chipset to process the Bluetooth audio SoC. Overall it delivers a unique acoustic sound with the help of a 32-bit processor and Kalimba DSP. With the latest TEVI Bluetooth chipsets and High-end Qualcomm Bluetooth audio SoC, it delivers the best quality audio. TWS Plus technology further enhance connectivity.

Qualcomm® aptX™, AAC for lossless audio
Experience CD-like high-quality sound right through these earbuds, thanks to the aptX codec. For iOS users, TEVI comes with AAC codecs as well.

Audiophile-grade sound now embodied in the truly wireless form: Packs a complete audio system

Sound is the top driving force of TEVI Truly wireless headphones. After years of research and know-how in the audio industry, LYPERTEK has developed a unique sound signature for TEVI. 

They might look tiny in appearance but they are a complete audio system within themselves. All parts of it including the DAC, AMP and the speaker are installed to deliver spell bounding music experience.

Completely waterproof due to its IPX7 rating
If you happen to use TEVI in the rain you need not worry because it comes with an IPX7 rating that saves your earbuds against water splashes. Notably, the charging case isn’t waterproof.

Seamless Master-Slave switching technology

Under this technology, the earbud with more charge becomes the master unit while the earbud with lower charge becomes the slave unit. This means that it won't stress on one earbud. The master unit will shift to the earbud which has more battery.

Class-leading 70 hours of battery life: 10 hours on the earbuds + 6 additional full charges on the case
TEVI offers the best-in-class 10-hour battery life on earbuds and with charging case, it goes up to a total of 70 hours. 

With multiple charges and 10 hours of daily listening, it can last for more than a week. Quick charge for 15 minutes gives 2 hours of battery life. The charging case can be charged via the standard USB type C terminal.

Qualcomm® cVc 8.0 microphone for superior calling experience.

TEVI suppresses external noise and echo. It comes with Qualcomm cVc 8.0 microphone for the noise canceling to give you superior audio quality. It is designed to offer a reliable calling experience.

Smarter Connectivity. Works as a mono headset too
This means that if you take these earbuds out of the case they will connect automatically to your media playing device. If you put one earbud back to the case it will turn off while the other earbud will continue to work as-is.

One button to control your playback, switch calls and access voice assistant.

From selecting your songs to managing the volumes, when you own TEVI, you get to control it with efficiency. 

Moreover, you get voice assistant support to make your life easier.

LYPERTEK is marketed in India through Headphone Zone, India’s largest Online Retailer for Premium Headphones & Earphones. Founded in 2012 by Raghav Somani, Headphone Zone offers the world’s finest Headphone & Earphone brands in India through its web-store (


High-Performance Graphene drivers for a seamless wireless audiophile-grade sonic performance.

Truly wireless form factor that packs one complete audio system including a DAC, Amp and Speaker.

32-bit Qualcomm® tri-core processor and Kalimba DSP technology put together to deliver a unique acoustic sound.

Class-leading Battery life of 70 hours. 10 hours on the earbuds, and additional 6 full charges on the case.

Qualcomm® cVc 8.0 microphone for the noise canceling to give you superior audio quality.

Qualcomm® aptX™ support provides high-quality CD-Quality sound. AAC codecs are supported for iOS users.

IPX7-rated build and designed for a waterproof listening experience.

Technical Accessories:

Charging Case
S, M, L Silicone Tips
Flexfit Foam Tips
User Type-C Cable
Quick Start Manual
Color: Black and Ivory
Warranty: One year

Key specifications:

Speaker driver 6mm Graphene Drivers 
Frequency response 20 - 20,000 Hz
Battery 70 hours (10h+60h)
Type: In-ear 

LYPERTEK TEVI price: INR 6,999.

Where to buy TEVI? 

You can buy TEVI from, Amazon and Flipkart, and premium offline retail stores such as Croma and Apple Premium Resellers etc.

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