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iPhone 15 series with AI?

Few more weeks or months for Apple's usual launch of the new iPhone series. The speculations and renders are around beside various leaked or rumored info. Since Apple announced iOS17 recently then we can expect it in the upcoming device beside a few iPhones that were launched last year and before.

We can expect an AI algorithm in the upcoming iPhone 15 series device. As per the available info from different sources (due credit), the iPhone 15 series would come with the following features and updates.

The iPhone 15 Pro models are expected to feature these five changes:

1. Thinner bezels + titanium chassis
2. Customizable mute button (replacing the mute switch)
3. A17 chip (3nm)
4. USB-C port
5. Periscope zoom lens (up to 5x or 6x zoom)

Everything to expect from the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus:

1. ‘Redesign’ + thinner bezels
2. Dynamic Island
3. A16 chip (A17 on Pro models)
4. USB-C port
5. 48MP Wide Camera

Would you consider the regular or Plus over a 15 Pro model?

Why will the iPhone 15 Pro Max be a huge deal?

1. First 3nm A17
2. Industry smallest bezel size
3. New titanium finish
4. New action button
5. New 8x periscope
6. 4853mah ??cell (imagine the efficiency with 3nm A17)
7. USB-B With Thunderbolt Transfer Speeds
8. Extra Haptic Motor.

These are the info available as of now other than some more rumored, leaked and speculation etc.

Stay tuned, we would share you more about the iPhone 15 launch, first impression, features, price, review and other updates.