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5G Hackathon 2023 contest by Department of Telecommunications (DoT)

I'll show you yours if you show me mine - this is the conversation between two hackers. How to believe a hacker? If he/she proves your Email password, ATM PIN and smartphone unlocks etc. then you could partially believe him / her. 5G hacking just got a lot more interesting. 5G hackable? Can it be saved? How API attacks unfold in the latest 4G or 5G IoT mobile networks? 
5G standards have improved on known security and privacy issues found in previous network generations, but also open new hacking frontiers.
If you are a hacker and would like to participate in 5G hackathon in India then this is the right time to do so. Deadline to apply is very near. So take action on-time or just straight away now.


Development of products/solutions, relevant to India in the 5G & Beyond realm that will be developed into workable products and services.


The event is open to the following who may participate as individuals, teams, startups, etc. and may work individually or as a team on ideas/concepts/solutions and present use cases for the 5G & Beyond products/solutions.

Students, Startups owned and controlled by Resident Indian Citizens, academic institutions in India;
Employees of the Department of Telecommunications (DoT), India Mobile Congress (IMC), Digital Communication Square Scheme (DCIS) Beneficiaries or Startups connected with them as promoters/partners are not eligible;

Products/Solutions given by Startups which have already been selected in the earlier 5G hackathon shall not be eligible;

Products/Solutions shall be connected to 5G & Beyond. Ideas without a basic connection to these technologies shall not be eligible.

Applications invited in the following categories broadly covering all the Network elements, IoT Applications and Solutions using 5G & Beyond Technology

    ⦿ Healthcare, Education & Governance
    ⦿ AgriTech & Livestock
    ⦿ Environment, Public Safety & Disaster Management
    ⦿ Enterprise transformation, Industry 4.0
    ⦿ Smart Cities & Infrastructure
    ⦿ Cyber Security
    ⦿ Banking, Finance & Insurance
    ⦿ Logistics & Transportation
    ⦿ Multimedia & Broadcast
    ⦿ Satellite
    ⦿ Others (Annexure).

AWARD: The winners will be awarded @Rs.1,00,000/- each and free space to showcase during IMC 2023.

Last date of online Application- 2400 Hours, 31st July, 2023.

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Stay tuned.