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How to link Aadhaar Card with PAN Card

You can ignore your photos on PAN Card or Aadhaar Card and go through the important update from the Government to link them. You might have a few questions on linking Aadhaar Card with PAN Card. 

What's the last date to link a PAN Card with an Aadhaar Card or how to link them online? What is the procedure? What would happen if Aadhaar with a PAN card is not linked on-time?

Here are a few answers for you. Aadhaar PAN linkage last date was 31/03/2022 and the IT Department extended it further (up to April 2023), those who did not pay attention to it have to bear the loss, like having to pay Rs 1000 to IT Department to link them after the stated date. Many paid for it. Whoever has not linked them yet despite having both the documents have to bear more losses. What are they?

Go this article further to know more about it. As of 1st July 2023.

Prerequisites for availing this service:

Aadhaar PAN linkage is not done before 31/03/2022
Valid PAN
Aadhaar number
Valid mobile number

Important dates:

PAN Aadhaar Link Last Date 31/03/2022.
PAN Aadhaar Link Last Date extended 30/04/2023.
PAN Aadhaar Link with Penalty - Last Date extended 30/06/2023.

Those who fail to link them are ineligible to get a refund of any amount of tax or part thereof, due.

Their PAN became inoperative and no interest on refund for that period.

Tax would be deducted (TDS) at a higher rate as per Income Tax rules (as per provisions of section 206CC).

For more detail and guideline on how to link PAN with Aadhaar Card, visit official website link

You can also check "Link Aadhaar Status" from UTI/IT Website 

mAadhar App is available from

How to check your Email / Mobile Number in Aadhaar?

UIDAI / Aadhaar has given enough facility for the citizen and they can check the mobile number or email ID from the following link

Stay tuned for more updates.