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Earbuds not working? Any... one side issue?

Sometimes Pair makes an issue. One of the couples might be in a mute mode or something else. How to solve Earbuds not working on any one side? Would you like to know how to do it by own? Here you go. Earbuds of each model from brand differs on solving the technical issues including software bug if any. 

So, before going to brand's customer service team, you can try few steps to solve the Earbuds not working in one or either side issue.

Try another pair of Earbuds or Neckband of Bluetooth.

Restart the affected device in case the issue remains.

You can adjust the sound balance from Setting->Bluetooth->Sound etc. Each step differs in smartphone brand model device.

You can also Disable Sound Enhancements for few seconds.

Another option is, update the software and drivers to remove bug and retain the performance.

Sometime you have to clean the Earbuds gently to rework it.

Try another pair of Earbuds on the same smartphone or tab or laptop to check it.

Another option is, if Earbuds is already paired with the Smartphone and one side is not working, you can then try as., first keep Bluetooth on on your phone and then take the first set of earbuds from the pack (and keep the earbuds box open) to check it. It would work most of the time.

For realme earbuds, carefully read and follow the steps, to do so, as each model differs to reset it.

Ref link Realme Support

There are many brands Earbuds available in the market, viz. Jabra, Sennheiser, Sony, Bose, Redmi, Realme, Audio-Technica, JBL, Apple, Beats, Skullcandy and on.

Note: All in all, if you have taken right steps and still unable to solve the issue then go to the brand's service center nearby and they would assist you to solve it if you have a bill/invoice/warranty time. So, check the brand manual for enough guidance for DIY.

Stay tuned.