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iPhone X problems & solutions tips

One of the most anticipated Apple's iPhone X released last week and many grab their favorite one. The gadget is one of the most advanced device to date and it has plenty of features which many unaware. 

What actually the normal smartphone users know is that the touch screen, RAM, ROM and other few technical specification beside some apps and secure measures.

The two smartphones iPhone X and Pixel 2 were expected a lot since they are few of the best smartphones and possibly have some problems though not sure about it. 

iPhone X Display problems?

Are you really facing iPhone X display issues? If yes, read the brief below which few sources stated to solve simply. 

Few sources says that iPhone X has display problem whereas the reply from Apple says that it is normal on OLED and its behavior. There might be slight shifts in color and hue.

They also says that it is all about ‘image persistence’ or ‘burn-in', where the display shows a faint remnant of an image even after a new image appears on the screen.

We came across from few sources that iPhone X is better than Pixel 2 in certain features of poor color calibration on the screen. However, it is not confirmed yet handy.

Both iPhone X and Pixel 2 are the best smartphones but problems are not the actual issue which also can be updated anytime soon through software. Both the devices have the best low light camera smartphones features too.

As per source, Samsung’s Galaxy S8 is one of many Galaxy devices to carry an OLED screen and there is no report of colour issues on that device.

We came across from other online source that the display of the iPhone X suffers from the loss of accurate colours when one see from the side and the potential for bright images to be burned into the screen.

They are just an unusual to experience these problems by both the brands. This is an issue where other manufacturers also tried to avoid on their devices. Also, smartphone problem and its solution is a normal one in few model.

These small flaws are not the actual problems or flaws and it is not going to affect the iPhone X nor Pixel 2 though on the other best performances.