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iPhone X Smartphone: One of the silent King is here

One of the killer and teaser smartphone is nothing but iPhoneX at the moment. This smartphone is not only handsome but top performer as well. As you might be knowing that iPhoneX was released along with iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus during Sep 2017. 

Not only this, Apple also released couple of their brand gadgets at the same time including Apple TV and Apple Smartwatches etc. Regarding iPhoneX, yes it is a killer phone that comes with higher price based on its own style and reliable features. 

The iPhoneX was released to remember Apple's 10th anniversary thus X roman letter indicates 10th year. 

This is the only device that released with different design compare to iPhone 8 series (which iPhone 8 similar to iPhone 7 pattern). One of the silent King, Killer and teaser device at the moment is iPhone X for sure compare to its other competitors' smartphones viz. Samsung Galaxy and Note series and other few brands in the row.

So, there are huge competitions and competitors for each old brand and the new. Let us see how it goes with this technology innovation again and again.

Pros and cons of iPhoneX:

The bezel-less iPhoneX is a premium phone that comes with a different key features and technical specification. When we used iPhoneX and iPhone8 smartphones to give you some feedback here, we felt very pleasant in its features which we will publish on iPhoneX review detail anytime soon. 

There is no doubt about its common features available in other brand smartphones too including fingerprint, touch-integrated, performance, apps integration, updates and on.

The iPhoneX camera is awesome in a different time and angle (including portrait) like a daylight or low light or night mode etc. As you know, the OS (operating system) and Processor is entirely different in iPhone handsets compare to different brands of Android OS gadgets. 

iPhoneX problems and solution:

The display is an unique, beautiful metal body and ignoring issues in it. So far you would have seen pros and cons of iPhoneX smartphone from various sources. In fact, if you grab it for a long and use it then your opinion might differs including display and screen. There is no iPhoneX problem and solution concern except negligible one.

In general, the new smartphone comes with better performance initially for few weeks and the realty will know after some period only from the users. Thus, sometime any smartphone review or hands-on review upon new may contradict when it becomes old or after certain weeks. 

Here a different story. If you are looking for a long haul then this is one of the best hand-set to go with. This is one of the best smartphones though not a cheap, and the best selling smartphone too. This could be one of the best IoT device as well.

As you know, in general, when iPhone issue occurs then the authorized service center used to replace the device in case if it falls within condition and warranty period. Thus nothing to worry to buy iPhone X or iPhone 8 etc. The technology and innovation helps user to go eco-friendly with the brand.

You can see iPhoneX specs and general review detail and  

Tips: You will get benefit in case if you buy a iPhone 7 or iPhone 6 at the moment as their prices are reduced now compare to earlier / released time. So, don't hesitate to get your dream device.