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Unijem Camera - Home secure - 180 degree HD hidden infra-red cam specs and features

Unijem is a brand and a UK start up that has released one of its products on home secure. The smart home security in other words. It means, by using this new product you can monitor your home from anywhere in the world, straight from your smartphone. 

Isn't it awesome? Read it for some more interesting detail about this innovative product. 

Unijem Camera - smart home security:

The Unijem is a 180 degree HD wall light camera that goes on the exterior of the house, rather than just a doorbell. 

You can enjoy couple of features from this gadget. You can also have a two-way conversation with visitors while you’re away from your home through a specially designed app, available on Android and Apple devices. 

What else. Be anywhere in the corner of the world and still you can see who is coming to your home / property and communicate with them as well.

Unijem is made with stainless-steel design, the product integrates with the aesthetic of most houses. It is easy to set up, connecting straight to Wi-Fi.

Unijem Camera specifications:

-       180 degree HD hidden infra-red camera with the two-way speaker. 
-       It has a microSD card slot for local recording based on event triggers, the motion detection distance can be customized anywhere from 3-15 metres.
-       The SD card is hidden in the waterproof housing inside the light for security reasons and can hold up to 128 GB.
-       It has the option of a remote-activated 100 decibel alarm.
-       Hard wired (100-240v).
-       802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi connection at 2.4GHz.
-       Dimensions: 310 mm x 90 mm.
-       There is a two-year warranty on parts.
-       It is weather resistant and can operate in -20 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit (-28 to 48 degrees Celsius).
-       Minimum internet speed for best performance would be 1.5-2.0 Mbps.

Unijem Camera key features:

-       Being able to switch your light on and off from anywhere in the world, through the app.
-       It sends notifications on detecting any movement near your house within 15 metres – or any distance you set it to. 
-       It records movement, using infra-red vision at night; its smart sensors work out the difference between an animal and a person.
-       Videos and pictures are stored directly to your phone and will alert relevant authorities.
-       There are 16 million different colour selections available for the light, which you can pre-set to turn on at random intervals, giving the impression you are at home.
-       Whether you’re away or at home, you can check who is ringing your doorbell and interact with them, or ignore them, from the app. You can even tell someone where to leave your deliveries.
-       You can record or activate a siren for added protection.
Unijem is the brainchild of microbiologist and serial entrepreneur Jay Carty, who came up with the idea when looking for a security solution himself. He then designed the product to include the features he saw were lacking in existing products out there.

Jay Carty is the CEO of Unijem and Chief Designer/Creator. He is a former microbiologist who has worked for high profile companies including Seven Trent Water and Cadburys. 

Quotes from Carty:

“I wanted to secure my property and monitor it while I wasn't around. This led me to design a truly complete 24/7 security and monitoring solution.” 

“I’m always going away on holiday and whenever I do so my main concern is ‘who can I get to come to my house to keep an eye on it and the cars on the driveway. And who can I get to come and turn the porch lights on and off every day’.” 

You may also visit website to know more detail about the product.

Tips: If you are concern about your property then buy Unijem camera and fix it on your property to stop worrying.