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Nokia R&D center Inauguration and Nokia Innovation Day 2017

You may think and remember mobile phones or smartphones' manufacturer only when you see or heard 'Nokia' word. It is not so. Yes, Nokia is also taking care of Cloud, ‘Big data’ Analytics, development of Voice over LTE (VoLTE) and applications, next-generation core and 5G ecosystem etc. 

Hope you are aware about Nokia now. Not only this, Nokia also have Research and Development center across, including in IT hub Bangalore, India.

Nokia inaugurated R&D center in Bangalore on Nov 29, 2017. Please find its detail as below;

Main VIP and guests of Nokia Bengaluru R&D center inauguration event:

1. Nina Vaskunlahti - Finnish Ambassador
2. Priyank Kharge - Minister of state for IT and Tourism, Govt. of Karnataka
3. Sanjay Malik – Head of India Market, Nokia
4. Amit Marwah – Head of Marketing and Corporate Affairs, Nokia India.

These VIPs inaugurated Nokia’s new state-of-the-art facility at M2, Manyata Embassy Park in Bengaluru on Wednesday, November 29, 2017. 

Thus, Nokia expanded its Bengaluru R&D center to focus on next-generation technologies. The R&D center will increase staffing in 2018 as it carries out research in next-generation technologies as stated above.

Nokia Bangalore Innovation Day 2017

Other than this, there was Nokia's annual event, "Nokia Innovation Day Bangalore 2017" that brings together Nokia’s ecosystem partners – including Customers, Government, Universities and Start-ups – to witness demonstrations of the latest innovations. 

Here you go for 5G development from the brand. Nokia established a dedicated 5G/IoT lab in Bengaluru last year to work on applications for smart cities and public safety, as well as a number of IoT use cases including real-time city surveillance, smart parking. You may also check the Nokia Innovation Day Bangalore 2016 for more detail.

Nokia is already working with Indian service providers including Bharti Airtel and BSNL to help them transform their networks for 5G. This center will further allow Indian and global service providers to leverage Nokia’s technology leadership and develop capabilities for future technologies.

Rupa Santosh, head of the technology center, said: “The expansion of our presence in India is a testimony to our deep commitment to harness the enormous potential of local talent for research and development. The center will provide a huge opportunity for bright engineers to work on upcoming technologies which will change the way we live and work.”

Please feel free to contact Nokia for more 5G service and information.