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EU-India Water co-operation 2017 - event - Apply for Funding on Water Research and Innovation

Water is very important in everyone's life and there are issues across globe due to either lack of water or lack of quality water and its consequences. Thus, the concern increases among.

In this regard, Europe has joined hand with India to assist to get the quality and quantity of the water by Horizon 2020 - work programme 2018-2020 climate action, environment, resource efficiency and raw materials submit the proposal to DST (Department of Science Technology) and/or DBT (Department of BioTechnology). Evaluation will be done jointly according to the conditions specified in the CFM and respecting the EC peer review rules.

EU-India Water co-operation 2017

The 2nd Information and Networking Event on EU-India Call on Water Bangalore held in Sheraton Grand Hotel on November 30, 2017. The initiative was all about the Quality and Healthy Water resources to produce, serve and make better atomosphere around.

Challenges on quality Water:

There are many challenges on this due to increasing heterogeneity in the uneven distribution of water resources upon climate change, flood and droughts, increasing demand due to population growth and economical development add additional stress to water, environment and food security and to the national economy.

You may refer DBT (Department of BioTechnology) official website for more detail. 

Specific Challenge: In recent years, India and Europe have collaborated extensively to enhance and enrich each other's technological and scientific knowledge and management capacities to cope with increasing stress on water resources.

Scope: This action should develop new and/or adapt the most suitable existing innovative and affordable solutions for Indian conditions, both in urban and rural areas, with the following broad challenges:

1. Drinking water purificaiton with a focus on emerging pollutants;

2. Waste water treatment, with scope for resource / energy recovery, reuse, recycle and rainwater harvesting, including bioremediation technologies;

3. Real time monitoring and control systems in distribution and treatment systems.

There is an offer for the individual researcher's or expert to get the start-up fund which helping by EU-India for proper procedure to be followed, adhere once selected and implement the project to get the quality and quantity of the water to overcome from water challenges.

Type of Action: Research and Innovation action
Opening date: November 7, 2017, 3:30am Indian Time
Closing date: February 27, 2018 23:59 Indian Time

There were many experts demonstrated about the water issues including western ghat to city transportation of the water, energy consumption etc. and many researchers invited for the event to participate and apply for funding. EU research is open to the World with the initiative of Horizon 2020. 

If you wanted to know how to apply for funding on water research and innovation in India then you can read this article again and visit the reference given herewith to get it done within two months or deadline given.

For more detail, you may refer the above given website or
For detail information on EU, you can visit

You may also use the social hashtag viz. #H2020 #OpenToTheWorld @EUScienceInnov @EU_H2020, FB @EUScienceInnov

Hope this article helped you and if you are a researcher in Water resource field then you may apply for the funding and make successful project across India.