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How to get Pub-ID and Slot ID in AdSense - Tips

You may be a new to this, or you might never come across on one of them (Pub-ID or Slot ID) in AdSense account. Most of the AdSense account holder knows what is Pub-ID which is very important for all account transaction for the ads or other related process. 

But, some of them are unaware about Slot ID in AdSense account which not actually required it unless if you do some manual Ad setting on your blog or website.

Where can I get the Slot ID in AdSense

Each AdSense code will have one Slot ID. Each slot ID will work based on the overall code set to define the code and its function. The ID might be useful when the ad placement of JS or Html script writing for any related Ad. I have furnished herewith the screen shot to know what is Slot ID and where to get them.

In case if you just wanted to get the Slot ID then you have to copy whole code generated from AdSense account Ad unit to avoid any mishap. You may then copy the particular Slot number from the copied one. 

How to generate the Ad code in AdSense?

You might be knowing how to generate the Ad code in Google AdSense account, if not, you just need to login into your AdSense account and click on My Ads (at top lef bar) --> Click on Ad Units ---> (you will see many already associated ad unit and their codes if not new to it) click on +New ad unit box under "Content > Ad units".

You will get another screen where you will find couple of options to generate the AdSense code. Try to click on the first one or the other just to experiment. When you click the first option then it will generate the code and highlight it to copy (ctrl+A and ctrl+C), save it. 

Try to paste the copied code on your blog widget / template and save it to active after sometime. You can monetize the AdSense in blog or YouTube based on your account status.

Where can I get the Pub ID in AdSense?

This is general that many new AdSense account holder will have a doubt on this. You will get the Pub ID from AdSense once login and go to My Account tab from the top left bar. You will see as ca-pub(xxxx - as your AdSense ID number). 

This is the Pub ID of your AdSense account. The other as many information as you can see it in the same account upon going through one by one.

Hope this article helps on AdSense Slot ID and Pub ID to use them effectively. Do not use them in unnecessary places. I have published here few screen shot to know about those IDs.

Tips: Do not reveal these IDs to anyone in general. The more searchable topic you write, the more chances of increasing traffic to your blog thus possible revenue.