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How to get Google Adsense approval

Though you would had read many articles pertaining to Google Adsense approval process, this article will help you in a simple way to get easy approval from Google Adsense. 

You can follow the steps given here for getting Adsense approval easily. How to get it done? Find some Tips for Adsense account approval.

Tips to get Adsense account approval:

Create your blog or create a site or simply become member in any Google AdSense revenue sharing sites like Goaspider or IndiaStudyChannel etc.

If you have created your blog or website then your blog should have at least 50 plus articles posted, regular contribution is a must, active blog with reasonable traffic in it. These would benefit you while screening your application.

If you have became a member of any reputed revenue sharing sites then you have to adhere the steps given over there by WebMaster.

Your blog / site / membership has to be completed at least 3 to 6 months in order to get recognized well.

Try to post relevant articles with good quality, do not copy and paste or do not violate site policy or Google policy specially for copyrights.

Try to provide personal information in your blog / site / revenue sharing website so that Google will know that you have met their requirement like, Age, Education, Authorship, Activeness, Valuable contribution that matches visitors' search etc.

Once your blog/site have enough quality contribution, active, reasonable traffic to your content and three to six months old member or blog then you can apply for Google AdSense from your Google Account itself. 

Make sure that you don't violate any Google policy prior to submitting Adsense application.

Note: You can create free blog from or you can create website by registering and paying nominal fees for domain name, template and webhosting etc. You can avoid this payment type if you create free blog or if you become member in any reputed Adsense revenue sharing sites. Do as you like on this.