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Big is better for Indian Aviation – it is all about time and technology needs

Since I was working in a Travel industry for few years therefore I can understand the travelers' point of view in many aspects beside some aircraft’s detail (given below), first one is Traveler will have less time to reach the destination in this small world and the next one is they shall not disappoint of unavailability of the seats or delay in a journey at any cost to avoid their pre-planned program appointment or holiday booking. 

On the other hand, Airline has to fulfill the basic requirement of the passengers including ticket or e-ticket reservation, airport travel assistance, baggage assistance, transit (if any) assistance, onboard assistance and till passenger reach out from the airport to their desired location.

Image courtesy: Lufthansa / IB

Since Delhi is the capital of India, we have lots of travelers' from capital to reach other countries capital or various destinations. India got various metro cities including capital where flights are always filled up and busy routes despite 24 hours operational activities. 

The more seats or the double the seats, the more chances of comfortable to almost 200% travelers in one go. Time saving, money saving, relaxation, punctuality, business done in specific time, benefit of travel, and return ontime is very important for everyone.

Earlier, there were aircrafts (called Jumbo aircraft which still exists on service like Boeing 747-400 and Boeing 747-300) with max 470 or 550+ seats (varies on 747-400 series) or 350 or 400 seats (varies on 747-300 series) respectively. Other aircrafts such as Boeing 737 got around 200 seats, Boeing 777 got around 300 seats, Airbus 300 got 260+ seats, Lockheed (L10) Tri-Star got around 300/400 seats varies on model, McDonnel Douglas got around 130-170 seats and Concord (eliminated in service after disaster in France) got 90-100 seats etc. 

Now, the time and technology changed everything, we got to go with Airbus A380 which carries more than 800+ passengers in one go with almost same speed of around 800kms per hour, fuel consumption to earlier model with heavy altitude / latitude way. This is Great news of course.

During A380 aircraft technical test (I saw it in Tele-channel) before releasing it to the airline industry for commercial purpose, the aircraft technicians worked harder than earlier aircrafts and they had to face many challenges on trial test on A380 aircrafts since it is a big bus which has double or triple the aircraft body, seating capacity and additional facilities beside usual engines and advanced technical process. 

They got the various challenges to release on time in 2005-06, whereas they released them with little delay due to various technical issues to fix upon pre-test. 

We can safely say 'Better late than never" from Airbus industry, it is indeed a great news for other Airline carriers and Passengers on safety measure and comfort flying in one go. This twin engine has to go with latest technology which will give a fantastic flying experience to the travelers and it will have upper deck and lower deck. It will usually have economy class, horizon class and first class per choice of the airline carriers and its requirement.

Image courtesy: Lufthansa / IB

Here, Germany carrier Lufthansa never given up on this aircraft services to other international route including India. They have launched daily flights on the Delhi-Frankfurt route beginning 8th November 2014 which is a good news to all with their usual great hospitality. The more seating capacity, the more chances of travel facility and comfort to all travelers in one go

We can also say this is two in one capacity and comfort to carry max passengers onboard considering growing populations and growing business with huge travelers, businessman, and employees to move around smoothly with pleasant travel. 

This is really dawn of a new era in history of the commercial aviation industry. Who knows, I have to fly in this aircraft soon as I have earlier traveled the same in different Jumbo aircraft (B-747-400, A300, L10, DC10, and B-777) on couple of occasions.

We wish Lufthansa all the best for their worldwide known services and bon voyage to the passengers for this prestigious and reputed aircraft flying experience to come. You can watch Lufthansa launch in IGI Delhi video.

This article is written for #LufthansaA380 from IndiBlogger.