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What is organic traffic and how to get it

In this brief note, I will let you all know that what is Organic traffic or natural traffic? It is nothing but all the way visitor comes to your blog or webpages via search engine’s keyword input and indexing the webpage or link as results only. 

The visitor may click on the link given at the search engine result and reach the targeted webpage, is called as organic traffic or real traffic.

If you would like to get organic or natural traffic then you have to work accordingly. Yeah, your published content shall match search engine algorithm to reach that level. It is neither tough nor easy, it is just about learning it and working as per search engine algorithm.

How to natural traffic?

Yeah, one shall make sure that publishing content shall not have any black hat SEO or white hat SEO tricks etc. to penalize yourself. So, try to draft the content accoridngly although Search Engine Optimization in a right way is not a bad one.

There are other ways of traffic which is not called as organic traffic but they might be called as referral traffic, artificial traffic and even social traffic which is not given weightage for the web status or page rank. 

If you are interested to get an organic traffic to your blog or webpage then you have to work as per search engine algorithm (though no search engine reveals their algorithm or parameters). 

It also means your quality written post on certain niche must match search engines various parameters including crawling to your web content, storing your web content in their database and index them upon visitors’ search matches. They are not the only parameters but it has a long list for it.

Some expert says that, other mode of traffic can also be called as inorganic traffic, it means in case if you reach a page via external link (without 'no rel follow tag') then still it won’t be considered as organic traffic. 

So, try to learn what is organic traffic and what is inorganic or unnatural traffic to differentiate and make sure to draft the new and quality post accordingly.

Tips: You can write the article as per domain matching URL and content accordingly.