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AdSense approval - do's and don'ts before and after its approval

New people or new blogger sometime doesn't know many things including Google AdSense process and procedure, and sometime new guys know it in advance as a little knowledge about them before they come to online as a part time or full time blogger. Anyhow, AdSense has two parts for the publishers or bloggers. 

The first one is, before its approval, eligibility criteria and process and on how to get AdSense approval or till gets its approval. And, the second one is, once it is approved by the Google AdSense team, then the bloggers work starts. Now, we have to know do's and don'ts for AdSense, I mean, do's and don'ts for before AdSense approval and after AdSense approval process and procedure to flow well.

Most of them are aware about 'before' on how to apply for AdSense account, what is the eligibility and requirement for it and so on. 

The more important one is, about the steps that blogger's or publisher's has to take enough after its approval. Yes, one way, the blogger may get 'Hosted AdSense' account approval and on the other hand, the bloggers might get a chances to associate it with few blogs only which is not enough to go for huge traffic thus revenue. 

So, before going to a deep in detail about it, I will explain you first thing is that blogger's or AdSense publisher's has to take the necessary steps after AdSense account approval and later will explain about steps to be taken before AdSense approval.

Here you find the tips on Do's after AdSense approval.

Once you got the AdSense account approval, you may then sign in to AdSense account through given link in your email ID with Congratulation message. The first thing you have to do is to note it down your Pub-ID which is unique one. 

You may find it while sign in to AdSense account. You will also find on the top of that account page is, it has mentioned as 'Hosted Account' which is limited to use within blogspot or use it from where you got it.

Now, sign in to your blog, click on layout then click on 'Add a gadget'. Once it is done, another small window will open where you have to select 'AdSense' and save it. Once it is saved, the AdSense under layout can drag and place it wherever you want it on your blog, either top or sidebar etc. 

So, you have to choose the ad as per location. Sidebar ad won't look good in top or bottom of the post, so you have to locate it suitably. After arrangement, click on save button at the top of the layout setting.

Once it is done, don't expect Google Ad to show it immediately on your blog, give sometime for it and it will show after few hours when you see blog. If it goes everything fine then well and good, if not, then 'add your comment' below so that I can assist you further.

The second step is, you have to write and publish the article daily to get some page-views, traffic and possibly natural click from any visitors. Do not violate the AdSense policy and one of them is encouraging other's to click on your blog Google Ad or self-click etc. 

The more you publish the upcoming trend the more chances of increasing traffic. It may take times to stable for the traffic since the blog is new and there are already many competitors for every niche. So, you have to be patient on this beside valuable, quality and regular contribution on your blog.

The third one is, you may promote your each article at Google plus so that it will give fruitful benefit. Do not over promote in social networking sites since they may consider as artificial traffic than organic traffic or natural traffic. 

Google or other search engine always likes organic traffic and source of blog. So, act accordingly. After that you will learn many thing pertaining to SEO, content optimization, tips and tricks and so on. 

Other than content, you will also know about other online revenue offers like Google Apps referral program, Affiliate marketing, Ad Campaign, Content writing for other blogs or guest post etc.

Do's before getting AdSense approval

Create a blog (free or paid one) and regularly contribute without any copyright violation.

Share your knowledge as per niche and create blog name accordingly.

The title that reflect as URL to precise and subject to the content. URL plays important role for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) so, don't miss that part.

The content, summary or few paragraph and its content must have search engine friendly keywords to store and index it.

Try to add html (sub-heading tag), one / two image/s, video (if required) and around 500 to 600 words totally.

Make sure that your blog is three to six months old before applying for AdSense and the blog has enough posts or at least 15-20 posts with reasonable traffic.

Make sure that you have had mentioned personal profile detail in blog so that Google team can understand you, age, profession and so on.

Make sure that your blog is socialized well. Also, mostly you will get 'Hosted AdSense account' first, so, nothing to worry and you can add on your almost all blogspot blogs.

Don'ts before getting AdSense approval

Make sure that you don't post any copied or plagiarism content or image or video on blog, unless its owner reference is given and acknowledged. Do not violate copyrights violation.

Do not create the domain name which doesn't match your regular posts. 

In case if you would like to travel and write about them then don't just create a blog that names as general one but try it for 'travel', 'tourism', 'holiday', 'vacation' and 'hospitality' and so on.

Do not over use keywords, tricks, SEO skills and so on.

Do not apply immediately once blog created and it is less than three months old plus it has less than five to ten posts just.

Don't forget to add your personal profile detail on blog.

Don't forget to write a blog post at least once in a week.

Don't forget to add your contact detail (at least email) to get in touch for any project, blog work or event etc.

Do's after getting AdSense approval

After setting is done in AdSense account and Blog layout setting etc. wait for ads to show, and try to contribute regularly.

Follow the same things that already mentioned on "Do's before getting AdSense approval". As already said, do not violate any copyrights violation but keep on sharing your knowledge per niche.

The more you post the quality content, the more chances of traffic thus Ad revenue.

Try to draft an article of around 500+ words with html (sub-heading) tag, image and video etc.

Make sure that you follow the calendar for future trends and post accordingly.

Do use 'search engine friendly keywords' in every post so that each post may get crawled, stored and indexed upon visitors' search.

Do use, 'how to', 'where to', 'tips' and so on title to match the search keywords.

Don'ts after getting AdSense approval

Don't try to stop yourself on writing post and publish on blog. Your blog must be active so you must write one post at least per week (as least one) and publish it.

Do follow the points given in "Don'ts before getting AdSense approval" and try to share your post in Google plus social networking sites.

Do not over use the keywords, SEO tricks and on. Try to check Analytics and use those keywords in your draft / post.