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How to download and use Zerch app

Here you go for the complete and easy guideline on how to download and use Zerch app for online shopping experience. This app can be used by the consumer and seller - both. 

As you are aware, Mahindra Comviva has recently announced its fast growing consumer from its shopping app called Zerch. This app help to customer to buy various categorized items in time.

You may visit Google Playstore for Android OS or iTune or Apple store to download Zerch app directly. Once you downloaded, you may then install it in your Smartphone and started to register and buy the desired items online in one touch. 

Most of the products are given in discounts and offer, the app shows the discount percent directly and can order it immediately or within deadline given. It also shows the nearest shopping centers. You may see the Google maps too on this.

How to use Zerch app for online shopping

Here you go for the detail. You just need to search 'Zearch' on Google from your Smartphone. Once you done the search, you will find the result as below screen shot given.

Now, you have to install Zerch app in your Smartphone, you just need to click 'Install' button given in below screen.

Once you installed Zerch app in Smartphone, it has to be run to work it. You may get the screen as below once it is done. Yes, now you will get 'Nearby Offers' option and 'Exclusive offer' option. You may select per your choice. You will get a lot of offers and discounts via categorized shopping, as shown below;

You can browse the list as much as you can and get it from that app. You may select each option to know detail offer and higher percentage of discounts to take an advantage.

This is another screen where you can get other different products, likewise, you may go to different screen to get different products offer.

Once you selected the desired category to buy, you may get the screen as below which show you the category you selected, nearby offers, discount offers percentage, its expiry and nearest store along with map.

Now, once you selected, you need to register with your detail (if you are using Zerch app first time) then you may get the notification per your order. Here, you will get the contact and service time etc. plus, you may also get additional notification per your search in the future.