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Samsung in a New Era in the Air Conditioning Technology

Samsung India Electronics has launched four new products viz. new 360 Cassette AC, 30 HP Super DVM, 14 HP Side Discharge DVM Eco and DVM Chiller. These innovations in HVAC engineering will transform air conditioning by boosting energy efficiency and performance, increasing cooling speed and minimizing environmental footprint.

If you are chilling out now due climate itself like that during December and January of the year, then wait for the summer to come where you will remember and looking forward to get the best quality air condition at home or office. You may sure remember Samsung then. They have brought four different products with space saving, energy efficiency and auto-cooling adjustment etc.

As per Mr. Vipin Agrawal, Director System A/C Business, Samsung India Electronics, “Samsung will continue to achieve positive growth for the air solution business, by providing our customers with innovative products and solutions”.

Samsung’s New 360 Cassette Design

This product comes with an innovative design that transforms air flow and provides a uniform air cooling experience. The revolutionary booster fan inside the cassette guides air to form a complete horizontal flow and generating layers of chilled air. It controls the room temperature in 360 direction evenly.

The Next in High Performance VRF: Samsung 30HP Super DVM S

This is Super Digital Variable Multi air conditioner that delivers enhanced performance, reliability with cutting edge innovation and energy efficiency.

The DVM S Eco 14HP: Samsung’s new side discharge VRF unit

This type of air condition will help for office buildings and residential apartments, The DVM S Eco 14HP is a new side discharge VRF air conditioner engineered to deliver a single outdoor unit solution. This unit helps to space saving and cutting the cost on multiple units on multiple rooms.

Cutting Edge and Energy Efficient: DVM Chiller

This unit is also manufactured considering the Europe (EU) regulations on F-Gas levels and the increasing demand on a water-source HVAC. It has BLDC Inverter Scroll Compressor with Flash injection technology, with greater energy efficiency.

The Samsung Electronics event was taken place in JW Marriott, Bangalore, on 10th Dec 2015.