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Star Wars Special Edition - Don't miss her

The story is all about “If I had the HP Star Wars Special Edition notebook, how would I use it to show you my fun side?”. You just need to imagine the below characters, their mission and action on the space.

As you are aware, there are many droids like Pilot droids, Labor droids, Medical or Lab droids and Exploration droids etc. and they help human for various tasks without communicating them but just command or pre-programmed. Here you will find two well known droids in this Star Wars story. One is, R2-D2 (astromech droid) and the other one is C-3PO (protocol droid) and both of them would assist Luke Skywalker and Han Solo to get back recently kidnapped brave Princess Leia. Their mission begins from here.

Imperial Forces vs Galatic Empire characters:

Darth Vader (David Prowse) as Villain – Galatic empire

Princess Leia (Carrie Fisher) as Heroine

Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) as Lead of Alliance Force

Han Solo (Harrison Ford) as Lead of Alliance Force

Droid duo R2-D2 (Kenny Baker) as Protocol droid

C-3PO (Anthony Daniels) as Astromech droid
All image courtesy: StarWarsWikia

These are the characters to rescue the beautiful princess Leia from the enemy (Galatic Empire) which is happening in the space. Now, the Imperial Force team and alliance moved to rescue Leia from the Galatic to the earth. Here you go for it.  
Enemy’s shuttle:

Darth: Alert signal received and someone is following and approaching us…

Captain: Yes, let me check it out. Our system is outdated and strange but its good part is that it alert us in time

Darth: Its alert is not for our safety but its own.

Princess Leia: (who is sitting there, kidnapped / hijacked, unable to move as security tighten nor talks)

Alliance shuttle:

Luke: We are finally reaching their shuttle and possibly we can catch them out within few minutes

Han Solo:  Yes, we are, and shuttle has slowed down a bit...why?

R2-D2 droid: Don’t worry, we will need to slow down a bit due to enemy has known our approaches and possibly target us. We have still chance to change their target toward us if we slow down a bit

C-3PO droid:  But, how to reach them and enter in their shuttle

R2-D2: Nothing to worry, we have time to change our direction and we can move to a different location to catch them up from a different angle or on the top of their shuttle to jump down on their shuttle.

Han Solo: Good idea droid, keep it up

Luke: Oh droid, how can we do it if it is slow down, the enemy already knew it that we have approached them?

R2-D2: Look luke, we can divert the enemy’s or anyone’s attention as same as we done on the earh…

Luke: How is it possible droid?

R2-D2: Luke, do you remember when people on the earth were using old and outdated Symbian and Bada OS then we jumped to An’droid’ OS and still ruling it and making fool to almost all by changing the different touch device from QWERTY?

Luke: Yes, but that is earth and people followed us blindly and here is an advanced chap and they knows all smart works…they have an advanced technology beside additional brain and sense power…

R2-D2: Don’t worry Luke, I will take care of that by using ‘invisible mode’ and approach to their shuttle from the upper area so that you, Han solo and C3-PO can jump on their shuttle. Their technology, brain and sense won’t work for a long time till we use this invisible mode which could help us to bring back Princess Leia and safe return.

Luke: That’s great idea droid, keep it up.

Han solo: Fantastic Droid…but all of sudden, how did you got this surprising concept of ‘Invisible mode’?

R2-D2: Thanks to both, it is from inspiring Bollywood movie name ‘Mr. India’ invisible and combination of HP Star Wars Special Edition Notebook to #AwakenYourForce. This laptop is powered by 2.3 GHz speed, Intel I5 processor, 6 GB RAM with a 1 TB Hard disk and 128 MB Intel HD Graphics to even match and perform for our current mission

R2-D2: You guys count the time now, three of you must be ready within 25 minutes and invisible mode starts for them within 2 minutes from now, three of you need to jump off from our shuttle’s downward door way exactly after 32 minutes from right now to catch their shuttle and act accordingly. C-3PO, keep this finger ring with you till I say the direction.

Luke: done droid

Han solo: Yes, done droid

C-3PO droid: Ok, replied (confirmation via ping)

(2 minutes over and invisible mode started, no attacks yet from enemy, 32 minutes also over and two of them jumped accompanying C-3PO droid)

R2-D2: Luke, Han and C-3PO droid, report and confirm your reaches – over

Luke: Reached enemy’s shuttle Droid - over.

Han solo: Yes Droid…reached safely, over

C-3PO droid: Replied (confirmation via ping) - over

Droid duo R2-D2: All of you, keep in loop, over

(After few minutes…)

Luke: We entered inside the enemy’s shuttle Droid - over.

Han solo: Yes Droid…reached, over

C-3PO droid: Replied via ping – over

Luke: We are with enemy but they can’t see us seems due to your invisible mode concept works well - over.

Han solo: Yes Droid…invisible mode helps us, over

C-3PO droid: They can’t see us (pinged) - over

R2-D2: I see, over

Luke: Almost all are looks very dangerous and their faces too - over.

Han solo: Yes Droid…is it possible to make them invisible too, over

C-3PO droid: We can’t see them, ugly (pinged) - over

R2-D2: I see, over

Luke: We found Princess Leia - over.

Han solo: Yes droid…except her you can make invisible to other enemies, if possible - over

C-3PO droid: I can see Princess Leia in white dress clearly (pinged) - over

Droid duo R2-D2: I see, over

Luke: Leia is unable to see or identify us dude due to invisible mode droid - over.

Han solo: Yes Droid…how to let her know our presence here to rescue her - over

C-3PO droid: Any help R2-D2? (speaks than ping) - over

R2-D2: C-3PO, touch her right hand then pull her index finger and fix the finger ring given to you, so that she will see you, understand and invisible too - over

C-3PO droid: Ok, thanks for such opportunity given - over

(Luke and Han solo – little serious and angry now)

Luke: Will it work Droid? - over.

Han solo: Please confirm - over

R2-D2: Yes, it would work till she wear the finger ring – over

C-3PO droid: Ok, touched her right hand, pulled index finger and fixed the ring given – over

R2-D2: What happened next? Report to all – over

C-3PO droid: She is coming with me alone, Luke and Han are behind, and other enemies are doing their work without realizing our presence there – over

R2-D2: Great, well done – over

Luke: C-3PO was just pinging all but how come it speaks now? - over.

Han solo: This all happened due to index finger touches – over

R2-D2: I see – over

Luke: We are rescuing Princess Leia without any fight here - over

Han solo: Yeah, I too expected deadly fight here – over

R2-D2: I see, do you wanted to fight with enemy? Can I off invisible mode? – over

C-3PO droid: No droid, first let me and Princess Lieia reached your place then you can off invisible mode - over

R2-D2: how about Luke and Han solo’s reaches here? - over

C-3PO droid: Let them fight in the enemy’s shuttle – over

R2-D2: I see - over

(Luke and Han solo – again little serious and angry with C-3PO and hit on its head)

Luke: We are fed up with Android on the earth and here with this C-3PO droid - over

Han solo: Yeah, I too feel the same now – over

R2-D2: I see. Would you both like to live without droid or Android? – over

Han solo: No, we wanted them more than they wanted us – over

Luke: Yes, they made our life easy for many tasks except human’s natural feelings – over

Han solo: That is one way great, or else – over

R2-D2: I see - over

C-3PO droid: We all are reached our shuttle’s bottom area, please open the door R2 – over

R2-D2: I see, it is opened and you may come in – over

Luke: Yes, we four entered in – over

R2-D2: I see, I will now off invisible mode within shuttle only except our enemies – over

Luke: Yes, please – over

Han solo: Yes, go ahead – over

R2-D2: It is done – over (radio off for all)

Princess Leia: Oh my God, I can’t believe it where I am?

R2-D2: Welcome to Imperial Force, he is Luke, and Han, and C-3PO etc. we were sent to rescue you from enemy. Our job is done so far.

Princess Leia: Oh great, thanks to all of you. It is my luck to see you all. You will be rewarded soon.

R2-D2: I thought Princess Leia would be beautiful but...

(The end)