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How to increase traffic to blog or website

This question is normal in online among bloggers or content writers or webmasters or SEO institutes or related personalities. What is that? How to increase traffic to blog or website? 

Yes, you will get the answer here but before that we need to observe few things pertaining to this process, or search engine tools crawling, rejecting or storing and indexing the blog content based on visitors' search. 

The next thing is that, our latest published content need little time to get identify by the search engine tools as above explained. Other than this, the old or existing content needs to get improvement or increasing traffic, or at least its stable status like standard page views daily without going down, the last one is safer from poor or very poor traffic. How it can be done? We will go through this on detail.

We just need to remember that the entire content what we posts might not be useful for the permanent search, it might be an alternate search by the visitors, or it could be a permanent search for a long duration via search engine as natural traffic to blog posts. 

How to increase traffic then? How to get page impression then? How to get an ad click on blog then? How to earn money then? There might be so many question like these.

See, you might have written and published so many niches which some of them still giving enough traffic for the content, some might be totally stopped to visit the search engine visitors and some might be reasonable traffic once in a two days or three etc. Now, we have to check other important points are, as below;

Points to remember for increasing traffic to the blog post

The first point is, whether our posts that bring lot of visitors might be suddenly stopped to bring the organic traffic or reduced the traffic? If yes, what is the reason? It has to be identified on time or else the same niche with same subject article might get good amount of traffic which just fetch from your post due to the latest one might be copied from your post or the better quality one done by that writer. You have to take the steps accordingly. 

If it is copied, you may then contact to the blogger or writer to remove the duplicate content and wait for their reply. If they took right step then no issue and if not, you may file a DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyrights Act) against that blog 'post' only that copied ditto from you.

The other points are, how to increase traffic to the articles which just lying down on your blog for the long time without any traffic (organic traffic or natural traffic) though no one has copied nor it is a bad quality. For this, you have to take some steps. 

Yes, you have to tune the article based on current requirement. Tuning doesn't mean just need to change some 'search engine friendly' keywords here and there but it has to amend from the main URL to the summary, image and some content to give rich result. At the same time, do not violate any search engine policy like over stuffing keywords or SEO tricks or black hat tricks and so on.

How to increase Alexa and PR

Some likes to increase their blog's PR (page rank) and some likes to increase their blog's Alexa rank etc. beside increasing traffic planning. Listen, you just need to work out on increasing traffic to your blog's each posts. 

All of them collectively helps for the higher PR or whatever rank to come at a later stage. I also suggest you to keep and maintain just one or max two blogs as regular contribution, or else, you may lose many things at the end since you alone can't handle every blogs or more than two blogs and their posts.

I will write more detail on how to increase traffic to blog, how to increase Page ran, How to increase Alexa, and how to increase pageviews etc. soon.

Tips: I suggest you to write new things continuously understanding the trend and checking the Google Analytics tool for betterment and improvement.