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iPhone 8 review

When September month comes every year then there would be many expectation from Apple brand to its fans across the globe. The expectation generally starts from the month of July to September till the Apple announce its different gadgets to its fans across the globe. 

This year (2017) also the same. There were many expectations from many across globe and all about Apple's gadgets. There were many rumors, leaks, speculations, pros and cons, images, videos all around on upcoming iPhone after last year's iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus devices. 

The sense was all about an iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus releasing confirmation which the brand Apple have to reveal the same devices or a different one. Few sources said there won't be iPhone 8 but either iPhone 9 or iPhone 10 series due to Apple's 10th anniversary. Whatsoever, by this time the result is already known by many across globe.

iPhone 8 feedback:

We have already given some feedback on iPhone X smartphone. We are planning to give some information on an iPhone 8 as well other than its specification, features and price. So, the first we can say about the iPhone 8 is nothing but the pretty look and more than fifty percent resemblance of the iPhone 7. 

Wait, we will give some more feedback or review on iPhone 8 Plus device later. Yes, the iPhone 8 smartphone  looks though like an iPhone 7 smartphone but some features let us felt like it is nothing but iPhone 7S with some modification.

Would you like to know pros and cons of iPhone 8? If yes, you can find them over here. Before that we will let you know some more detail or feedback on iPhone 8 again. The 4.7-inch device has potential including some apps, function and features though it has no face ID detection but iPhone X.

iPhone 8 is all about Touch ID fingerprint scanning which it started since a year from Apple's device. The brand device comes with it own and unique Processor (like A11), so, no differences thus no question on this. 

The device has a single sensor for the camera. There are many things to write but we restrict over here to describe them in a next post on iPhone 8 smartphone.

Last but not a least, iPhone 8 comes with a wireless charging (Qi) which is an added advantage. The device has a sufficient grip to hold with pride without let it down. The camera and result is awesome.

Also, we heard that Apple is planning to launch the latest iPhone SE either this year (which almost over) or the next year. Let us see whether it is confirm news or not, from Apple.

Tips: If you compromise little bit then you can buy a iPhone X which is really better in features compare to iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus. Rest is up to you.