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Elari NanoPhone C - the World's smallest GSM phone

You might have heard very less or no about Elari brand. You can know a bit about this brand beside its latest and world's smallest GSM phone, Elari NanoPhone C.

Yes, Elari, a global giant known for innovative technology products, a day before announced the launch of its next gen Elari NanoPhone C. The device has a compact body, ultra-modern, anti-smartphone boasts a robust feature set. 

If you are looking for a GSM phone or basic model mobile phone within cheap and best price range then this is one of them to grab. You can compare Elari with other similar range brand mobile phone to know the detail and get it.

Elari NanoPhone C specification and features:

The device has couple of general mobile phone features which includes fully functional, super-slim,  Bluetooth-handset, 6.8 mm measures, 30 g weighs only.  Elari NanoPhone C comes with brand new features like a Bluetooth Call Recorder and Calculator. 

Not only this, it has built with a high quality aluminium casing with silicon keypad. The sleek device flaunts around. It also has features like a bright colorful TFT display, numeric dial pad.

The gadget also comes with 32 GB microSD and microSIM card slots. You can enjoy the entertainment features like FM radio, MP3 player, wake up Alarm and a Voice Recorder wherein voice can be directly recorded on SD card. You may also find pros and cons on this device but the cons may not be justified since it is not a smartphone to compare against it.

Where to buy Elari mobile phone? If you have a question as such then Yerha eCommerce / online portal is the place where you can buy it. Elari Launches Next Gen NanoPhone C in India, Exclusively on

Elari NanoPhone C Price: INR 2999*/= introductory offer.

Tips: If you just wanted to have a small and less features or anti-smartphone features then go with this gadget and enjoy the calls peacefully.