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The Best Smartphones List

As per the online and offline survey and sources, we have come to know some of the best smartphones in 2017 (as of Aug 2017) and their list is furnished herewith (Top 5 and more). You can check them and find the info worthy on Technology innovation.

1. Samsung Galaxy S8
The first one come in the list is Samsung Galaxy S8 though some might have of different opinion. This is definitely one of the most beautiful smartphone ever has come. Android and its processor too speaks over here. The unique model, speed, screen would attract you more. The price is around $609.88

2. Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus
The second one comes none other than its advanced model, yes, it is Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus. This is of course attracted many with its larger body and screen. There might be pros and cons in every single phone so this one too which we can ignore it. The price is aorund $699.88

3. iPhone 7 Plus
Yes. Astonished so far why iPhone is not on the top? Their number speaks. Apple iPhone 7 Plus comes in the third though it is one of the top model and high-end specs. iOS gadget with outstanding tunes and apps. The best point-and-shoot cameras ever in the list is none other than iPhone 7 Plus device. It is of course a great phone without any doubt. The price range is around $795.25

4. LG G6
Here you go for the fourth in the list, it is nothing but surprising LG G6 which let you entertain a lot when you feel boring. Yes. The LG G6 is a beautiful hand-set to go with. The price range is around $579.95

5. iPhone 7
No doubt about its place in the top 5. It is none other than Apple iPhone 7. You get everything in it other than little Android vary. The iPhone 7's beautiful camera, result, battery and water resistance improvements are worthwhile. iOS speaks again. The price range is around $599.99

LG G5 comes in the sixth position. How? It is little unique compare to all other smartphones, yes, it has removable battery option. the wide-angle shots and camera lens speaks here. The price range is around $419.99

No doubt, some country has different gadget which other country has no, in that list, Apple iPhone SE is one of them. Some says it is as small wonder. The earlier version of iPhone reminds us including performance and compact. The price range is around $399.99

The LG Stylo 3 also come in the list of 8th whereas other brands too has stiff competition in the top 10. However, based on numbers, sales, review and other parameters, these phones too come in the list. As said, some country has a different gadget or series than other with no. 

Here Alcatel Idol 5S also in the top 10. This is one of the best smartphone all around with different features in it even though most of the series has some different or unique features in it.

Nevertheless, Oppo R11 also come in the race. Apart from this, Motorola also not missing in the list, their Moto E4 are going well, so, they too in the top list.

List of the best smartphones across globe.

Samsung Galaxy S8
Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus
Apple iPhone 7 Plus
Apple iPhone 7
Apple iPhone SE
LG Stylo 3
Alcatel Idol 5S
Oppo R11
Moto E4

The next come in the list is as below;

Honor 9 
Honor 8 Pro
Xiaomi Mi6 
Xiaomi Mi Note 2 
Xiaomi Mi Mix 
Meizu Pro 6 Plus 
Huawei Mate 9
Elephone S7  
Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X

The new in the recent launch list like Galaxy Note 8 also can rock sooner.

Tips: You may buy smartphone from other countries too if they are not available in your's location as these days have few options to do so. Like you can enquire online and keep in touch with your friends or relatives in abroad to get things done.