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Best Smartwatches to buy

From Typewriting to Desktop and then Desktop to Laptop, later Laptop to Tablet PC, the trend changed a bit for telephone to mobile phone, and mobile to smartphone, and finally nothing left so innovation team brought Smartwatch for data, health, timing and apps etc. time being now before moving more advanced and innovative IoT gadgets in the future to come aside these.

Anyhow, the main reason on this article is all about the detail on the best Smartwatches to buy and its little helpful information to furnish here which can be useful for our visitors. If you are planning anytime soon to buy a smartwatch then you are in the right page to get some of the best smartwatch detail herewith.

Smartwatches features:

Apple company also has released some of the best smartwatches which could be useful for many across. If you are planning to buy some expensive and iOS or Apple related device pairing then Apple smartwatch series 1 is the best option for you. 

When Apple new product comes in the market then you would also find some of its competitors' similar gadgets too whether Apple or other brands released the devices first is doesn't matter. The one has to come with similar one. They are a part of technology innovation as well.

Now, you have guessed well. Samsung also has released some of the best smartwatches which you can buy to enjoy its Android and iOS compatibility features. The solution lies there when you find its issue on using them. Anyhow, please find some of the best smartwatches list over here to get an idea.

In general, most of the smartwatches comes with a different features like few built with little features of smartphone apps and calling etc. and few concentrating with health and fitness beside usual timing and calendar etc. However, some of the smartwatches releasing with all together option in one. It is users' choice to grab as per their convenient.

Recently Garmin brand also released some of the best Garmin Smartwatches which includes for athlete and swimmers. The good news is for the Apple brand lover who would like to buy their smart watches. Yes, Apple is releasing Apple Watch Series 3 on September 29, 2017. This could be one of the outstanding smartwatches from Apple.

List of the best Smartwatches across:

Apple watch series1 iOS Smartwatch
1.32-inch, 272 x 340 color touch screen
Battery: 18 hours

Samsung GEAR S3 FRONTIER Smartwatch
Andoid / iOS compatibiliy
SCREEN1.3-inch (360 x 360) Super AMOLED
Battery: 24 hours

KEOKER KW18 Smartwatch
1.3-inch LCD
Andoid / iOS compatibiliy
Battery: 24 hours

Samsung Gear Sport Smartwatch
20mm wrist strap / 44.9mm watch
Battery / Price: Not announced yet

Misfit Vapor Smartwatch
4GB of onboard storage for music
Android Wear 2.0
Battery: 18hrs
Price: $199

MyKronoz ZeTime Smartwatch
Two gadgets with 39mm and 44mm sizes
ZeTime starts at $199

Diesel On Full Guard Smartwatch
Android Wear 2.0
T-On-I app
Diesel watches fro Oct. 25

Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch
2.5 GB of local music storage
Price $300 Ionic

Emporio Armani Connected Smartwatch
Android Wear 2.0 / iOS compatibiliy
$345 onward

Louis Vuitton Tambour Horizon
42mm Horizon has an AMOLED touchscreen display
$2,450 onward

Note: most of the smartwatch will have the features such as GPS, heart rate sensor, alert notifications to smartphone, including text messages, calendar events and phone calls etc. 

Tips: You can buy the smartwatch as per your requirement as those watches are comes with different features viz, few released with health and fitness purpose, few for apps and calling features etc. and few altogether. 

If you are facing any issues from Smartwatch then let us know adding comment here so that our tech expert can assit you further.