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Best low light camera Smartphones list

Many would like to know the best low light camera smartphones. It is to compensate the heavy size of the single, lone DSLR camera (to carry around) and its effect with the best result of the pictures and videos.

Also, to be the same effect of DSLR in the Smartphone beside mobile features in one gadget to go with anywhere and anytime. Thus, a Smartphone with the best low light camera is needed in one go. Would you like to know which one is the best low light camera smartphones these days?

It was little tough in the initial days of the Smartphone era to get the best low light camera. Since the pixels and sensor themselves were less beside the specs and software to match those days devices. It has become easy nowadays due to Technology innovation.

Image courtesy: ephotozine

The camera pixel and sensor, technical specification and software gradually improved and brought some innovative smartphones which gives better result in low light camera clicks for photos and videos as well.

If you have a question like which one is the best low light camera Smartphones? etc. then this is the right place to get some answer for you. 

Alright, you might be looking now for the list of Smartphones that gives better low light result comparison with each other. No issue, we have furnished few smartphones' detail herewith those gadgets are going to be the best for the said result.

List of the best low light camera Smartphones:

This is all about rear camera of the smartphones and its low light result only and not about the front camera whether they have higher MP or not. As per some sources, please find some study on this.

Image courtesy: Vivo

Samsung Galaxy 8 and Galaxy 8 Plus comes first on the top list for best low light camera smartphone, as of now. The second one comes on the list is all about the Google Pixel series. The latest Galaxy Note 8 also in the same range as well.

The third and fourth brands are LG G6 and OnePlus5 Smartphones besides Apple's iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. There are other few brands' device comes on the list more or less competing and chasing each other.

It also doesn't' mean the rest brands' different series smartphones' cameras are not the best as per sources reference available to list out. We compare each other gadgets and their technology innovation detail, so, we came with some result and solutions to write about them.

As said, don't mix up other brands like Vivo V7 plus with 24MP camera or other brand similar MP selfie cameras smartphones etc. on low light result. They are perfectly fine on low light as well. 

Some of the smartphones including V7 plus experimented on low light camera like picture and video taken from an event or auditorium darkness and given the better result from their camera whether we take selfie or normal photo in the darkness, doesn't matter, either side camera works perfectly fine.

As said, they are few of the Smartphones that our team came through handy and did experiment in a different angel and level to say so. This is also not an endorsement about those cameras.

They are just an opinion since some other brand phones also suddenly give the best camera result in a low light or darkness atmosphere unexpectedly whereas the above listed same devices also gives poor result in very rare case.

Tips: Higher price  smartphones doesn't mean it will have the best camera as well. This is just an example. 

Thus, there could be some higher price smartphone with various features which the camera won't have the best low light performance too, you need to check it exactly to decide yourself before buying the smartphone that has the camera choice.