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Nike+ Apple Watch features and price

Recently Apple announced and released couple of iPhone smartphones viz. iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhoneX (iPhone 10, may be for Apple's 10th anniversary). In addition to that, Apple also released couple of other gadgets viz. iPad, Smartwatches, and Apple TV on the list. 

Apple Watch Nike+ features:
Now, we can discuss about smartwatches from Apple. We already have covered the latest Apple Watch detail in a different post with the topic of Apple Watch 3 but this time little different due to a different Apple's product as they have joined hand with another brand called Nike to produce and release the Apple's Watch Nike+ as a smartwatches for Sports category.
All in all, Apple Watch Nike+ watch or this smartwatch features and prices seems decent. You can check some of the detail on this gadget over here. If you have a question like which one is the best smartwatches then find its detail over here as well.

Apple Watch Nike+ has entire needs that a sportsperson required. Yes, it has built-in cellular, GPS, and altimeter, take your run to the next level, pair it wirelessly with compatible gym equipment and of course it is swimproof to use post-run dip in the pool.

The user can use Nike+ Run Club app directly from the face by tapping the complication. Apple Watch Nike+ boldly display the time in both digital and analog styles. The other pros are like Nike Sport Loop is lightweight, dries quickly, and easily adjusts to fit your wrist. 

The Nike+ gadget is made specifically for Apple brand Watch like an exclusive. You can compare this watch with Apple's other series or a different brand smartwatches to know the fact. The choice is available to get many beautiful watch straps (photo below) to change it when needed. One size fits you. It is a 3D construction that’s soft and breathable.

Nike+ Run Club app helps you as perfect running partner. Not only this, Apple Watch Nike+ has an in-ear Audio Guided Run featuring the voice of a Nike+ Run Club coach, world-class athlete, or special guest. This is a part of IoT as well which the user can enjoy the device to a maximum level features.

How to run using Apple Watch Nike+
If you have such a question like how to run using this watch, then find its detail over here. Train smarter stats is there. Want to compare a run to your last five? If yes, you have to follow the instruction given, officially. 

The guideline is nothing but, you have to just swipe it left. Mark splits by selecting pause or using gestures, like tapping the screen or double-clicking the side button. And get a full post-run report, including elevation.

They are a part of technology innovation for the users' to enrich the overall gadget experience. You can run every Sunday and see how long you can keep your streak alive. Fuel your run with exclusive Nike+ Run Club playlists on Apple Music.4

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Apple Watch Nike+ price: US$ 329.00 to US$ 429.00

Tips: You can buy Apple Watch Nike+ instead of just Apple's smartwatch if you are a sport personality to match the things altogether.