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How to earn money from Google Pay or Tez Apps

Google recently introduced Tez App (later introduced as Google Pay) which any Android smartphone users or iOS users can download the app and install it in their device to start to earn from the Google Pay (Tez), a digital wallet platform for online payment system.

If you are willing to know what is Tez app or Google Pay then check this article for more detail. The article will be updated soon.

Android users can directly download the formerly known as Tez app or the latest one Google Pay app from its Playstore. The iOS users can do it as its has its own procedure to do so for Google Pay. 

Once you installed the Google Pay / Tez app and ready to begin, you have to just keep ready your ATM card or Bank account detail to enter some info and register the app to authorize the Bank for transaction via app with your control by using password protected.

Google Pay / Tez app using is not an issue as you might have already given lots of personal detail to any Bank or app or other online sources etc. for online transaction. However, Google's Pay app also same reliable and have no intervene in your account though they (app owner) have possibility that they can look at your account without your knowledge.

To Sign up of Google Pay app, you need to use the same mobile number that you already registered for your Bank account. Once you registered it then the fun begins with. Yes, you can get reference code or directly Tez app inviting option to your family and friends which you would additionally get some commission on each sign up through your account beside other transaction offers and earning opportunities though it is little amount.

We have furnished few screen-shot of Google Pay / Tez app which would help you to go through. You can touch or click on your profile at top left to change or edit or update or see the Bank account detail or view transaction etc.

There are other benefits like each week you can transact INR 51 to max five family members or friends' Google Pay / Tez App account which in turn you would get lucky voucher (online scratch method) on each successful transaction of the amount via Tez App. There is an update on this now...Google Pay / Tez App has increased INR 150 or 151 of five transaction per week to get the lucky voucher. The info can be seen on main menu of the app.

The Bank account (if Balance available) would deduct the said amount or else won't transact anything nor will receive a lucky voucher through app. So, your bank accounts needed nominal balance to do transact the things.

You can still transact more than five per week but you won't get lucky voucher (if balance available in your account). The lucky voucher would get only for INR 51 transaction and not for other than the said amount.

The lucky voucher may give you any sort of amount from Nil to few hundreds or even thousands cash. These amount will be directly credited to your Bank account once you saw the voucher from Tez app itself.

Tez app will given other benefits as well. There are other discount and offers detail will be available on your Tez account itself. You can use them effectively.

Advantages of Google Pay / Tez app:
Easy app installation or less than 10MB file.

Easy Sign up and registration using ATM or Bank account number.

Easy associating Bank account with registered mobile number.

Easy transaction view of the Bank account with password.

Instant transaction to / from any Tez app users.

Five lucky vouchers per week for INR 51.

Refer a friend and get the benefit.

Various offers, discounts and promos available time to time.

No joining fee nor annual fee for both (app and Bank).

You might get huge amount from lucky voucher too.

Disadvantages of Tez app:
Only five max lucky voucher (online scratch) transaction per week. Post that no lucky voucher for any amount unless notification received.

It is possible that the App owner can view our Bank account detail as you have authorized app.

The app may or may not continue for a long.

There could be slight issue in case your smartphone lost.

Tips: You can download the Tez app and use them effectively since it is associated with your Bank account thus possible for easy transaction on the go for even train or flight ticket booking etc.

Hope you got the Google Pay / Tez app idea on how to earn little money from this app.