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Google Lunar XPrize reviews TeamIndus in Bangalore, India

Do you know there is a race contest on the Moon as well? If not, read this article to know some interesting facts that happening around which many of us unaware. Yes, we need to be proud of that India's privately funded Spacecraft capable organization "TeamIndus" is doing a brilliant job for the nation.

If you are interested to know what is Google Lunar XPrize or HarIndianKaMoonShot or TeamIndus etc. then find its brief over here.

This is to inform, proud and appreciate that, TeamIndus is on Top 5 (fourth place) out of 16 countries list in Google Lunar XPrize projects and progress for the upcoming year launches of Rover and smooth landing on the Moon.

Rahul Narayan, Team Leader of the TeamIndus for Google Lunar XPrize project, gave some insight about the entrepreneur and challenges, his statement was fantastic on his team effort and achievements since few years on such projects. 

Google Lunar XPrize team is reviewing TeamIndus in Bangalore, India for a week. We, Bloggers' and Media's were invited to witness the TeamIndus effort, progress and achievement on this project process. It is entirely a different to the world and Sci-Tech subject and project as well. 

So far the Google and Xprize jury / panel satisfied with the TeamIndus on this project and have to go through various other parameters within Mar 2018 deadline.

For your information, TeamIndus has already won one Milestone Prize: the Landing Prize, for a total of $1 million in prize far! They are on the move including the many top entrepreneurs contribution and support along with startup fund and level etc.

Rahul Narayan spoke to us / media. His statement was very impressive. He and his team's one of the aim is to settle Tri-color flag of our country on the Moon, soon. 

Space gives many benefits globally in terms of technology and innovation etc., so, they are moving ahead despite various challenges. He also said, nothing exceptionally special.

TeamIndus is one of the top five teams selected to compete in the Milestone prizes on completing their project on-time, their rover soft landing on the Moon, five hundred meters moving first and collecting some data's including image and video etc.

These Beauties Also Will Take Off To #Moon Soon From #India - All The Best :) #HarIndianKaMoonShot @TeamIndus #Event #Google #Lunar #XPRIZE.

All of them are 'Made In India'. The Team Leader said that when unknown Indian Cricket team become known after winning the World Cup 1983 against unbeatable West Indies team. Likewise, their team story too right now till the participate, perform and success.

TeamIndus' Mission: is a celebration of all things great about India – the audacious goal, the young bright Engineers, the can-do entrepreneurial spirit, partners who commit their resources, and the new breed of world-class entrepreneurs who have supported the mission – all of whom are united by a vision to deliver a best-in-class technology outcome entirely out of India.

Panel Discussion at TeamIndus

You can check the above hashtag at any social networking websites for more detail. You can also visit the official website of Google's Lunar XPrize at and Team Indus official website for more detail about the progress.

Tips: If you are interested to know more detail, you may visit TeamIndus official website or keep in touch with them via contact detail given on the website.

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