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Smartphone problems and solutions

In general, most of them are using Smartphones these days, some of them known and using many features of the smartphone and many even doesn't know more than half of the features of the phone but using it for some basic features like Calls, Camera, Audio or Video and Text messages etc. and it is their choice finally.

They are just some of the main features in the smartphone which known by many and using them effectively. Some missing other features including IoT too. However, there are many things to do from the smartphone's features but not utilizing all of them due to those features may not be necessary for the users, precisely.

The second important thing after buying a smartphone, the problem or technical issue can come at anytime from the device for various factors. Some of them from manufacturers' end and some of them from the end users' side. They are a part of technology innovation on the go. So, how to know the technical issue of the smartphone that occurs from manufacturer's side or the end users.

There are few hint on this. If there is technical issue from manufacturer's end then there would be a call from them offline or online and even in newspaper saying to mass or selected serial devices buyers that they are getting issue which manufacturer is ready to solve or compensate it. 

The next one is, the mass users itself will come forth and let manufacturer's know about the issue one by one on time, so, the manufacturer will investigate and try to cope up with the end users in case there is a technical issue from their end.

Some of the best smartphones release with great features too though one can't guarantee that those devices won't get any technical issue as well.

Common Smartphone issues and solutions:

Other than the above mentioned factors on mobile phone issues in certain cases, there could be several other issues from user's end with or without their knowledge which could or could not be solved in fewer cases. 

Yes, if the mother board of the smartphone dies due to known or unknown reason after certain warranty period then this is a serious one and can't be easily repaired unless you pay the huge amount to replace it or better buy a new one in such case.

RAM issue in the smartphone:
RAM, smartphone with higher RAM doesn't mean it will have speed, be faster and have no issue at all. There could be other reasons from different peripherals or software or apps that can put your phone slow down. Sometime clock speed plays important role though there is no issue for the gadget from this one except rare malfunction.

Memory issue in the phone:
Internal Memory (ROM), there is no real issue for the smartphone from ROM unless affected files in it. It is always better to use some security app that can protect your smartphone from malware, phishing and on. 

There are some of the best Anti-viruses for smartphones are available online and offline which you can pay nominal amount and use it effectively for a stable output.

Photos / Image issues in the gadgets:
The photos and videos more than limited size and various extension files can let your smartphone gives trouble which is rare. You can always keep some less burden on the device to move smoothly. 

Some don't care for anything, if you are one of them then don't follow the tips. Some cares for the gadget issues, so, you can randomly go through one by one to solve the smartphone issue, yourself.

Camera issues in the device:
Sometime, reputed brand smartphone's camera won't work due to various reasons. Most of them comes from the end users only due to unfortunate falls of it. The fell down of the smartphone gives lot of trouble not only to camera but overall peripherals of the device which some works and doesn't some. 

Though there are some devices which comes with drop down test but still gives an issue in unfortunate falls, like water or oil or some uncertain cases. Most of the smartphones have poor low light effects and result compare to reputed DSLR camera series and its better result on low light or heavy sunlight, so, the end user can't complain on this as low light issues.

Audio and Video issues in the mobile phones:
The audio issue comes from the smartphone due to device fell down, very rough handled, software issue, virus or setting or head-jack issue etc. Some of the video might not work well which shot from the device randomly. The setting has to be taken care before video shoot.

However, as said, the photo and video shoots in the low light may not come as expected but these days some of the smartphones are releasing slowly with high end video camera which would be the best competitor for the DSLR low light and other features.

Top most, if there are many programs running behind it then possibly they would slow down the device performance. Also, too much work on processor of the gadget can let you down it. More importantly, using continuous can heat the battery and might affect other function or slow down the speed too.

The ambient light sensor, proximaty sensor, flood illuminator, camera and its software, speaker, microphone, dot projector and on are the main role to play in the smartphone aside RAM, Processor and on. If they also have some technical issue then the problem might arise anyone which sometime possible to solve and not too.

Tips: I have covered very few general points about the smartphone issues and its solution, it even applies to similar gadgets like Tablet PC too. So, please feel free to add your comment, and also add your smartphone issue so that our team can help you to know and provide better solution to solve it.