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How to play Apple Arcade games across all Apple devices

Apple has given a lot of features in their Apple devices (Mac or iPad or Apple TV) but we know those features to some extent only. How about Arcade feature in all iDevices to use in a one go?

Like other apps or features in Apple gadgets, Arcade gaming too have some extra features that can be used for playing game in a different Apple devices from the very same account if you own them. Yes.

We have given herein below the steps of Arcade gaming pairing with other Apple gadgets to move on.

The Arcade game. Start on one Apple device. Finish it on another Apple gadget.

How to play Arcade games across Apple TV or iPad or Mac or iPhone?

1. Open setting in iPhone or Apple device.

2. Sign-in into iCloud on your iPhone.

3. Make sure you have signed-in at your iPad or Apple TV or Mac.

4. Open a game in a different device, now.

5. Continue to play Arcade games from any related device.

6. That's it. You're done!

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