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Ather Energy announces a Referral Program for the Ather 450 owner

Are you an Ather 450 owner? If yes, here is a good news for you. 

The first product of Ather Energy, the Ather 450 has been one of the most loved electric scooters of all time. 

If you are an owner of the Ather 450 it's time to introduce it to your friend.  The process of buying one now comes with added benefits and an exciting offer. 

Ather Energy has introduced a new referral program that will benefit their existing customers as well as new owners with monetary credits worth INR 2500. The referral program is live in Bengaluru and Chennai.

As a part of the program, Ather will enable existing Ather 450 owners to share a referral code with their friends. If a purchase is made using the referral code, then both the referrer and referee get monetary credits worth INR 2500 each. 

Initially, there was a longer wait period for the delivery but now all the pre-ordered Ather 450s will be delivered within three weeks of payment, yet another reason to introduce the vehicle to a friend.

Ather introduced easy ownership models like the exchange of any petrol 2-wheeler for Ather 450, as recommended by the Ather community members and India’s first two wheeler lease program along with the referral program, in addition to all the fiscal incentives offered by the Central and State governments, makes the transition to EVs easier and beneficial.