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ASUS ROG TwinView Dock 3

Asus has released ROG Phone 3 in July 2020 and got many positive feedback from the end-users across. This is the successor to ROG Phone 2 that was launched in July 2019.

ASUS has launched additional gadget for ROG Phone 3 and it is nothing but ROG TwinView Dock 3 that helps the hardcore gamer to enjoy the gameplay in a most professional way. We have attached its image to know about it better.

Also, ROG Phone3 can be used either way, personal / official usage and hardcore gaming purpose. Which one you would like to go? Either way? Then this is suitable smartphone for you. Multitask all in all.

Asus ROG TwinView Dock 3 also comes with a 144Hz display and makes multitasking a breeze or indulge in action-packed gaming on dual screens.

ROG TwinView Dock 3:

Width: 173.2 mm
Height: 111.6 mm
Weight: 300 g
Warranty: 1 year.

You can buy ROG TwinView Dock 3 from Flipkart from given link

You may also buy Twin View Dock 2 for ROG Phone 2 from Flipkart itself.

ROG TwinView Dock 3 price: INR 19,999 for MRP. 21,999 at Flipkart. There won't be stock sometime as demand is huge and the product might be less at that time.

ROG TwinView Dock 3 review will be updated, later. Stay tuned or visit at ASUS page to know more products detail.