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Samsung Wind-Free ACs with PM 1.0 Filter: Features and price

Samsung, the country’s largest and most trusted consumer electronics brand, today (August 31, 2020) launched its new range of Wind-Free™ ACs, India’s first air conditioners with PM 1.0 filtration capability.

With this, the new ACs can filter dust particles up to 0.3 micron in size and also sterilize virus and bacteria using an electrostatic charger, providing the cleanest and purest air in your homes and offices.

The new line-up of Indoor Units are designed to provide clean and pure air to homes as well as hospitals, hotels, malls, restaurants and retail among other establishments.

Samsung Wind-Free ACs features:

The AC is equipped with PM 1.0 Filter, the new range of Wi-Fi enabled ACs not only provide clean and breathable air but also come with Samsung’s proprietary Wind-Free™ cooling technology that delivers cooler indoor climate and optimal energy efficiency without the discomfort of direct cold airflow.

The new Wind-Free models leverage a sophisticated detection system with advanced sensors and a display that provides users with precise information about cooling and air quality conditions. 

Microns and Filters:

These ACs are equipped with a 4-step display, a PM 1.0 sensor and three different types of filters. The Pre-Filter tackles large dust particles, the Deodorization Filter eliminates unpleasant odors and the PM 1.0 Filter has an electrostatic charger to capture and sterilize ultra-fine dust up to 0.3 microns. 

The sterilization performance has been certified by British multinational assurance, inspection, product testing, and certification company Intertek. 

Catering to changing lifestyle needs of consumers, the next generation Wi-Fi enabled Wind-Free ACs allow users to operate their air conditioners remotely. 

The new range of ACs are suitable for residential and commercial applications, the new range is available in three panel variants – 1-way Cassette for unilateral air flow, 4-way Cassette for a synchronized air flow in four directions and 360 Cassette for omni-directional airflow. 

Delivering exceptional performance, the new range of Air Conditioners can reduce air pollution.

Samsung’s Innovative Air Purifying and Cooling Technology:

PM1.0 Filter:

The PM 1.0 Filter on the new Wind-Free™ range has an electrostatic charger to give ultra-fine dust up to 0.3 microns a positive charge, so that it attaches to the negative plate. It then sterilizes the virus and bacteria through the electrostatic charger. 

The PM 1.0 filter is washable and reusable. It provides consumers with great advantage of enjoying fresh and clean air while saving on the extra maintenance cost of replacing the filter.

Wind-Free Cooling Technology:

Samsung’s Wind-Free™ Cooling technology is able to provide you with an effective cooling experience without the unpleasant sensation of harsh, cold air blowing directly onto your skin.

Once you set your desired temperature, Wind-Free™ Cooling will quietly and gently disperse cool air through up to 15,000 micro air holes to ensure you are met with no cold draft. 

Furthermore, Wind-Free™ Cooling’s advanced airflow cools room faster.

Deodorizing Filter:

The deodorizing filter in Samsung’s new range of Wind-Free ACs, efficiently adsorbs cigarette, pet and food smells, among others to provide an odor free and clean environment.


Samsung’s latest range of ACs come with the option of installing an Ionizer that generates active hydrogen and oxygen ions which reduce biological contaminants and reactive oxygen. 

The process of eliminating the harmful substances is completely harmless to the human body. The Ionizer helps in improving the air quality by neutralizing viruses and bacteria in the air.

The PM 1.0 Filter and Ioniser can be added to existing Samsung air conditioners as well.

The new Wind-Free ACs will be available in three models: 1-Way Cassette, 4-Way Cassette and 360 Cassette.

Samsung Wind-Free ACs price: Starting at INR 90,000 + GST. These are available across offline retail and online channels.