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Intel and VMware extend Virtualization to RAN (Radio Access Network) for 5G networks

Intel and VMware Inc. announced (on August 5, 2020) a collaboration on an integrated software platform for virtualized radio access networks (RAN) to accelerate the rollout of both existing LTE and future 5G networks.

Are you interested to know the latest development of virtualized RAN for LTE and 5G accelearation from Intel and VMware? If yes, please find its brief over here.

As communications service providers (CoSPs) evolve their networks to support the rollout of future 5G networks, they are increasingly adopting a software-defined, virtualized infrastructure. 

Virtualization of the core network enables CoSPs to improve operational costs and bring services to market faster.

Dan Rodriguez, corporate vice president and general manager of the Network Platforms Group at Intel said, “Many CoSPs are choosing to extend the benefits of network virtualization into the RAN for increased agility as they roll out new 5G services, but the software integration can be rather complex. With the integrated vRAN platform, combined with leading technology and expertise from Intel and VMware, CoSPs are positioned to benefit from accelerated time to deployment of innovative services at the edge of their network”.

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