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What do the names Pro, Plus, Max, Note, Ultra and Lite mean on a smartphones

What are these term Pro, Plus, Max, Note, Ultra and Lite etc. from the smartphones name?

Would you like to know what are Pro, Plus, Max, Note, Ultra and Lite etc. term on the latest smartphones from the different brands? What are the differences among them? Whey they called it so? If you are interested to know about them then read this article further.

In a simple word/s or sentence, they are nothing but just a little higher specifications and key features or upgrades than the normal version of the phone together launched or after some gap brand releases them. 

For example, Apple has released iPhone 11 for a basic version compare to iPhone 11 Pro or iPhone 11 Pro Max smartphones' on the same time. Pro or Plus above gives little higher features compare to basic one, likewise, Pro Max too. 
The other brands also launches similarly as a different variant within the same series, either same time or after few days or weeks of the last launched date.

When you check these mobile phones' key features and technical specifications other than the cell phone price' varies then you would come to know that why they have manufactured different variant of smartphones for different specific reason to cover all sort of end users.

The Plus or Pro or Max or Note or Ultra etc. are  just like an higher configuration device than the normal smartphone that has launched along or later. Lite version is almost opposite to them or even it is opposite to normal version of the cell phone including smaller in phone size beside same or lower specs with little lesser price.

Pro: The phone would launch with little higher specs / features compare to non-pro or normal series phone. For example, Redmi 9, Redmi Note 9, Redmi Note 9 Pro. Here Redmi Note 9 Pro phone comes with much better specs and an additional features (beside little extra price) when compare to Redmi Note 9 or lower model Redmi 9 phones.

Plus: This one also as same as a 'Pro' phone. Better configuration and hardware upgrades in the gadget announced. Including RAM, ROM and Display etc. But this terminology using by a different brand altogether. Like, once Vivo V7 Plus.
Max: iPhone and Asus are using this terminology for launching their high-end phones compare to basic or normal version phones. Sometime brand uses this term for their Pro's higher devices too. Like, an iPhone 11 Pro Max.
Note: Mostly, Samsung and Redmi etc. using this term for their advance specs and hardware cell phones. Price obviously little higher too when compare to normal series or sometime Pro type phones.

Ultra: This is most of the time like either Pro or higher specs / features than the Pro version phones. It's a kind of 'Xyz Pro Max' phone.

Lite: It is the opposite of what Pro or Plus is. Less in display or dimension, less in RAM, ROM, camera megapixel, battery and overall hardware and software features.

Nokia is little different from these crowd, yes, they launch the higher version with numeric order or version type. Noka 1.1 and Nokia 1.2 etc. for budget type and Nokia 3 or Nokia 5 are mid-range type and on.

What are the differences among these terminology, technically?

Pro or Plus or Max or Note or Ultra etc. are coming with a larger screen mostly, chipset differences (better processor when compare), RAM and ROM differences, additional cameras or megapixels, a larger battery and on when compare to normal variant of the phone from the very same series.

Lite version rarely releases by the brand when some normal variant phone (that has little higher price and success) deemed fit to do so with the little lower specs, average display or less features to attract the youth or students for a pocket-friendly purpose.

Apple, Samsung, Vivo, Huawei, Redmi, Xiaomi, Nokia, Realme, Sony, OnePlus, LG and other brands are using almost similar terminology for their smartphones to reach their smart fans across.

We would add more info on this, soon. Stay tuned.