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New World Record set by Intel Optane Persistent Memory and DAOS Solution

Some interesting news from Intel. What you had read on the subject title is correct. Intel Optane persistent memory (PMem), in combination with Intel’s open-source distributed asynchronous object storage (DAOS) solution, sets a new world record, soaring to the top of the Virtual Institute for I/O IO-500 list.
With just 30 servers of Intel Optane PMem, Intel’s DAOS solution defeated today’s best supercomputers and now ranks No. 1 for file system performance worldwide.

These results validate the solution’s delivery as having the most performance of any distributed storage today. 

They also demonstrated how Intel is truly changing the storage paradigm by providing customers the persistence of disk storage with the fine-grained and low-latency data access of memory in its Intel Optane PMem product.

DAOS with Intel Optane PMem made its debut onto the IO-500 list at SC19. This year, Intel customers Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC) and Argonne National Lab also entered DAOS with Intel Optane PMem solutions, which landed at No. 3 and No. 4 on the full list, respectively.

In the 10-node challenge, where systems are compared with 10 clients each, the three Intel Optane PMem DAOS solutions took the top three rankings (Intel, TACC and Argonne).

Both lists are important for the assessment of file system efficiency, client performance and scalability on mass scale installations.