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Siri (shuffle) assistant on all your Apple devices

Apple has introduced Siri features in October 4, 2011 for its different gadgets. Since then many Apple users' started to use Siri's features in their device for various function and other fun queries to get reply from it.

In fact, Apple's Siri helps as intelligent voice assistant in one tap or touch compare to manual operation with many taps or touches on the Apple devices, to get response out of it. 

Sometime you may not get the right answer from Siri due to misunderstanding on query or your voice is not clear to it to response accordingly. If everything is correct then it help users in many ways to function it in just one tap / touch than many manual steps for its function. You can have fun with Siri as well.

So, shuffle feature is one of them. You can turn on or off shuffle with even no or zero tap. Isn't it interesting? You can try Siri shuffle too for podcast or audio selection from list as per your choice. In case if you feel uncomfortable on shuffle feature then you can turn it off through Siri too.

How to use Siri?

Would you like to know how to use Siri? In case if you have an Apple's iPhone or iPad, Mac or iPod etc. then you can try different Siri features to get intelligent assistant in very less steps. 

Just press the home button for a while from Apple device and it will prompt you to ask your reasonable query. Including device switch off. Apple iOS and macOS assist smoothly to run Siri as per users' query to solve it.

If you are using 'Home' feature from Apple device then Siri would help you even more to associated connections across.

Remember, you have to 'turn on' the Siri features in Apple device 'setting' to function it, or else, it won't work.

After this successful feature from Apple, few other smart device OS also came with similar features for their association devices.

You can visit Apple's Siri link in case if you have any doubt to get answer there

And, stay tuned for more updates on Siri.