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Trifo Max Robot Vacuum: Launches, features and price

Trifo, a Silicon Valley-based AI home robot company, is set to roll out India's first Home Surveillance Robot Cleaner with powerful suction capability. Trifo Max series will be launched on September 30 with two models—Max and Max Pet. The series comes with a water tank and ten mopping pads, allowing users to mop the floor while sweeping. 

"After a successful launch in the U.S., UK and European markets, Trifo Max and Max Pet will be available in India on September 30 at Flipkart and Amazon."

Loaded with patented TIRVS (Trifo Intelligent Robotics Vision System) technology, Trifo Max series has smart learning abilities. Its advanced AI-powered surveillance system can decide the most efficient cleaning route while detecting and maneuvering around small obstacles such as toys, cables and jewelry. The robot uses its camera to map out different rooms at home and cleans them efficiently.

Max features a strong suction power of 3,000 Pa and its smart camera supporting home security functions. Once the Motion Detection feature is switched on, the robot cleaner can serve as a digital watchdog and inform the family about movements, people, or unusual sounds. If necessary, the built-in microphone and speaker can be used to communicate directly with the intruder or the person on site.

Max Pet is designed especially for furry friends at home. In addition to the home security function, it boasts a more powerful suction of up to 4,000 Pa and has no problem picking up pet hair and larger dirt particles. It comes with an extra pet hair extractor featuring an anti-knotting function ensuring long pet hair does not get stuck.

Through the Wi-Fi enabled Trifo Home App, Max and Max Pet can communicate with the users whether they are at home or away. The app gives real-time access to all of the different features and functions for cleaning while providing a new level of human-robot interaction from the camera.

Features and Specifications:

    Robot Vacuum and Security System in One

Supported by the AI-powered surveillance system, the Max series can function as a security robot guarding home while the user is away. The family can set up alert notifications to trigger automatic video recording or have a real-time inspection of a possible break-in by switching on the camera. Max can watch the house even while charging, as its charging port is at the back connecting to the charging station.

Users worried about privacy issues can disable the microphone and cameras at any time. None of the videos or other information is stored in the cloud or on the server.

     Powerful Cleaning

Max has an optimized vacuum fan that creates 3,000 Pa of suction. Its larger main brush and six-claw side brush reach deep into corners, while its larger dustbin and a washable primary filter are easy to maintain. Max Pet has 4,000 Pa of suction to cope with pet hair and bigger dirt particles. 

    Advanced Intelligent Vision

The Max series runs on TIRVS (Trifo Intelligent Robotics Vision System)—a combination of proprietary algorithms and the latest deep sensing, perception and decision-making technology. This patented feature ensures the robot always knows where it is, decides the most efficient cleaning route, avoids obstacles and creates a map of its path to repeat later cleaning trips. 

    Trifo Home App

Users can program it remotely to schedule cleaning, whether they're home or not. Family members can see where Max or Max Pet has cleaned, through the map it has built, as it works. The app is available at the Apple App Store and Google Play. 

    Innovative Human-Robot Interaction

The Max series is Alexa-enabled and the family at home can control it using voice commands, such as, "Alexa, turn on Trifo." When out of the house, the user can speak and listen to other family members, pets, or even intruders using Max's speaker and mic through the Trifo Home App. 

    …And More

Max's 5,200 mAh battery keeps it going up to 120 minutes and features a USB port for charging other devices at home.

Availability and Pricing:

Trifo Max and Max Pet will be available in India on September 30 at Flipkart and Amazon. Max is attractively priced at INR 32,900 given the superior features it offers, while Max Pet is priced at INR 36,900.