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How to increase traffic to you blog or website

Do you have a question like these? How to get traffic to tech blog? Any tips to increase traffic to my blog? And on... If yes, we have answer for you. 

Whether it is a tech blog or other niche blog, story is almost same for all niche blog posts except few parameters to get the (natural or organic) traffic from search engine. What are they? How to do it? Are you interested to know how to increase traffic to your blog or tech blog? If yes, read this article for more info.

There are two types of traffic. One is organic / natural traffic and the other one is different types, social traffic, paid traffic, referral traffic and on. 

The first one is better, natural or organic traffic than forcefully promoting traffic in case if you are looking for an online revenue such as an AdSense or other Ad platforms. 

If you have no concern on revenue but need traffic or promotion or views only like a commercial one or ads type then you can create an artificial traffic by promoting it in a different types, as stated above, e.g. social media traffic etc. for brand or product popularity or campaign purpose.

We will see organic traffic thing first. The regular you contribute or post worthy content on your blog the better chances of increasing its traffic. 

Important parameters to remember for organic / natural traffic:


Domain is very important. For example, will be useful for technology related post. In case if you have domain like then don't use it tech for related post and expect the organic traffic and revenue. Domain contradicts. Domain shall not contradicts for search engine traffic and revenue like AdSense.

Domain and URL matching:

URL and its keywords also very important. For example, or other extension or no extension will be far better for Samsung TV xyz model article posting it.

Content matching:

Once domain and URL suits the post then you need not worry except the post has enough limitation for all. Limited SEO, enough words, useful tag, image tag, video tag (if necessary) and relevant internal links within the post.


Attractive titles, short sentence, shot paragraph, alternate keywords to avoid similar keywords over usage, long tile keywords, avoiding block hat SEO, concentrating white hat SEO, how to..., where to..., etc. types would help your blog post to increase traffic through search engine thus possibility of Ad revenue. 

It is better not to or less to promote such posts. However, the post will get traffic once search engine tool crawls, detect for originality, stores and index upon relevant keyword search by the visitors.

Image courtesy: Alexa

Domain age:

Also, the old domain gives the weighs compare to a new domain that has just completed very few years. Old domain with regular post is one of the best source to get better chances to obtaining traffic regularly. 

New domain takes time to get the trust from the search engine tool. Those days or years gone where any custom domain or extension domain used to get lot of traffic easily. 

So, remember this point as well. Also, it doesn't mean you need to buy an old or expired domain to easily get the benefit out of it. That won't work even if you are smart. No short-cut for success.

The above points to remember while moving for a tech or other niche blog posts to get traffic. 

We will update you more on this, soon.

Non-organic traffic:

As long as you don't have an AdSense or likewise revenue concern but need just views or campaign, you can then promote your blog post as you like through social media channel or in other medium as brand used to do.

Stay tuned for more updates on this. 

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