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What is Domain Authority - tips

In this article, you will know what is DA or what is Domain Authority and how DA rank works and all. In SEO (Search Engine Optimization) terminology, there are so many parameters, algorithms and metrics working all around and one of them is for DA source too. 

How Domain Authority Works?

The Domain Authority rank works and influences in three important things, one is Age of the blog or domain, the second one is popularity which DA can change prior to its actual age matures and it might be some extra care from Moz as well to justify the blog's popularity in a right way within shorter period which is rare. 

The third one comes with the quality and rich content which sometime the new blogs lack for many months or years but very few done it to become the top in the list like best Alexa rank obtains for it and on. The last two step helps to change the DA only as a rare case but the first step is generally for all based on the age of the blog.

Example on DA

You may ask us how and why does DA rank works as such? I will give you an example on this. DA is a just part of SEO and it is not whole SEO to cover various other aspect of Search Engine Optimization requirement like back link, traffic (organic or social one), active contribution etc. etc.. 

So, one more example over here. In case if a two years boy becoming a popular within two to three months just by riding a bicycle, riding a bike, by-heart the subject or songs, dancing, swimming and doing some exceptional activities within that period then the boy won't become five years old but just two years and two months only as of now. 

Likewise, if a blog started to work and meet the most of the requirement of the DA then it won't become a higher DA within shortest period and will take usual time to reach the higher DA rank. Hope you understand it.

The second and the third scenario is rare, the higher DA will work within shortest period only in case if the blog or website is popular worldwide within the shortest period, like a Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat and other website likewise - it can go opposite too in case if the same website does poor performance later. 

So, it is hard (though not impossible) to get the higher DA for a blog within shortest period as blogger individually works in most cases and hard to achieve to that level. DA rank normally measures from 10 to 100 to a blog, your blog may fall within any of these rank and subject to change based on the three points given above.

How DA rank increased or decreased?

There are other scenario happens while Domain Authority increasing or decreasing. Yes, in case if you have a single Blogspot blog or Wordpress blog which DA is around 40 that was created three years ago and would like to migrate it to a new custom domain (not the one that purchased from auction or bidding or old custom domain that has higher DA already) then again the new custom domain will come to around 10 DA from 40 DA for a year or so and it gradually improve DA later. 

Thus, you have to carefully think about it in case if you would like to concern on DA and other related affecting parameters.

How and where to check DA rank?

Hope you understand what is DA rank and how Domain Authority works with some simple points. You can check this link in case if you would like to check your blog's DA or PA (Page Authority) etc.

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