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Samsung QLED TV with Frame feature

Are you looking for the latest Television to decorate your home? Wanted to buy the finest and beautiful TV? Would you like to know the best and the newest Television releases detail? 
If so, check this article for more detail which can benefit you in various way including interior design, advanced technology and no-mess wire around plus various filled-in features in it.

Samsung QLED TV technical features:

Samsung Electronics today unveiled its flagship premium line-up of QLED TVs in Bangalore, India.  If you are Samsung lover then this is for you. 
The brand used to release various latest technology gadgets including, Air-Condition, Smartphone, various Home appliances and this is one of them. 

This time, Samsung Introduced world’s first TVs with 100% Colour Volume, One Remote Control and an innovative design solution called Invisible connection and showcased its innovative TV, HDR 2000 nits of brightness, The Frame, redefining the future of home entertainment with cutting-edge TV technology and style.

Are you interested to know more about? If yes, find the latest Samsung QLED TV with frame feature which would stun you.  
The ‘TV of Light’, called as Samsung QLED TV for its delivery of optimal brightness levels and stunning visual experience, is ushering in a new era of televisions and transforming the living room of tomorrow with its focus on the lifestyle TV concept. With this, India’s number one TV brand will further consolidate its leadership in the market.

QLED TVs come with four global first innovations. They achieve 100% Colour Volume, the HDR 2000 functionality brings out hidden details, an Invisible Connection keeps your living room clutter free and One Remote Control offers an intuitive experience. 
No more wire-mess around. Along with these, the No Gap Wall-mount and the optional easel-like Studio Stand light up the aesthetics of your home. 

You may sometime feel like a Frame on the wall and it will let you realize as such beside its actual frame feature beside. This is one of the best in it. 
In addition to this, QLED Television comes with fusing a slim, sleek and premium metal body with a nearly bezel-less display, QLED TVs set the tone for exceptional sophistication.

Samsung's newest innovation – The Frame. Would you like to know what is all about Frame feature in it? Kindly read it so you would understand it better. 
Instead of fading to black like a conventional TV, The Frame’s display transforms into a work of art, letting users select from a collection of more than 100 art pieces in 10 different categories, including landscape, architecture, wildlife, action, drawing and more. 

This one looks pretty in real when we got to see as demonstrate in the QLED launching event in Bangalore. 
Also, it is paired with numerous options for art layouts and colours, as well as customizable accessory options including interchangeable bezels and an optional Studio Stand, it truly complements the user’s living space.

“QLED TV, powered by Samsung’s quantum dot technology, provides true-to- life images that no other TV can match as of now. 
It is actually let you to think about the television in a new way, bringing art and entertainment into new parts of your home. 

The QLED TV is as beautiful when turned off as it is when it’s on and will help us grow the demand for premium TVs as well as our market share in India even further,” said while speaking, Mr. Rajeev Bhutani, Vice President, Consumer Electronics Business, Samsung India.

QLED TVs comes with three key points for the end users.

Q Picture
Q Style
Q Smart

Q Picture: Turns Light into Perfect Colour, it advancements in light efficiency through quantum dot technology, stability and a wider colour spectrum. They also concentrate on picture quality, including Colour Volume, brightness, bold contrast and viewing angle. 

QLED TV can express accurate color and achieves a 100% Colour Volume – earning accreditation from Verband Deutscher Elektrotechniker (VDE), one of Europe’s largest technical-scientific associations.

Q Style: Samsung introduced new design elements that can fit into any home regardless of the interior aesthetics or setup. It can fit within few minutes by the owner itself and can save space beside. No to mess-wire around. The QLED from Samsung can let you feel like there is no wire for the TV except a slim invisible wire connection in it. 

The end user can enjoy their space with a single optical cable that brings all devices together, reclaiming the living room space once occupied by set-top boxes and external devices. It also has 'no Gap Wall-mount', which brings the TV flush against the wall, closer than ever before. Samsung TV stands also available for those who are not interested in wall fixing it. 

Q Smart: Control Devices and Content with One Remote Control

Samsung is focused on the continued evolution of its much-lauded Smart TV offering, giving people the simple, unified user experience they want for all their entertainment content. 

With the Samsung One Remote, consumers can control most connected TV devices with just one remote control. The enhanced Samsung One Remote now supports more devices and offers voice control capabilities across more.

Smart TV features.
Other than the above stated feature form Samsung QLED TV, you would asl utilize latest Smart View App that allows users to seamlessly share content from their smartphone to the TV. 

The owner can enjoy a more personalized experience with the new ‘Smart Hub’ interface on the ‘Smart View’ app. The Smart View app supports both Android and iOS mobile devices. So, good news here for both OS users.

QLED TVs size: It will be launched in three series, Q9, Q8 and Q7, in 55 inches (138 cm), 65 inches (163 cm), 75 inches (189 cm) and 88 inches (223 cm), starting May 2017.

Samsung QLED TV Price: INR 3,14,900 and INR 24,99,900 in India.

Consumers can pre-book their QLED TVs between 2nd May to 21 May 2017 to avail the special pre-book offer of a free Samsung Galaxy S8+ (Gold). What else to think? For more details on the pre-book offer, consumers can visit:

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