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How to delete thousands of unread emails in Gmail - Easy steps

Would you like to know how to delete bulk unread emails from Gmail? You did tried it but unable to do so? If yes, read this article for easy steps to do it.

Not in a smartphone. You can use a Laptop or Desktop for web email to execute it. Open your Gmail account.

Switch to standard view in case if it has Set basic HTML as default view. You can then follow the steps given as follow.

Bulk unread Gmail Deletion steps:

Step 1: Type is:unread in top search box of the Gmail and Enter or search it. Screen-shot is given below.

Step 2: Click on "Check" button.

Step 3: You will get "Select all conversations that match this criteria" link once you check the button, and under it.

Step 4: Click on "Delete" icon in the same row where you had just checked.

Step 5: You will get another screen with the "Confirm bulk action" - you click "Ok" to delete the unread emails.

Please note, it might delete all or some percentages or better than 50 emails deletion though. You can follow the same steps for very few times more till you delete all the unwanted or unread emails.

The last step is, you need to go to "Trash" folder to "Empty" the folder. You're done and have enjoyed the extra space in your Google account now.

Hope this article helped you. Feel free to add comment below in the contact form for the above subject matter doubt if any. We would try to reply you soon.