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Apple Event 2020 - September 15, 2020 - iPhone 12 series?

Apple has officially announced Apple Event 2020 on September 15, 2020. You can expect the Apple launch news usually within a first week of September month every year officially, or you can expect even earlier without its official one. 

Hope it might be an iPhone 12 series launch if not otherwise. Something fishy? We can expect some changes in different device launches too from the brand or possibly your guess might be a right one.

As per the source, iPhone 12 series may launch little later or in October month due to manufacturing delay for COVID-19 reason etc. Other Apple gadgets might launch in Sep 15, 2020. We would update you on this, time to time.

Regarding iPhone 12 series, most of them will finally appreciate iPhone 12 Pro Max only out of all iPhone 12 series (most probably three to four different) devices unless Apple twisted it something (tech or software) which techies unable to recognize it soon to convey them. 

And, it seems, iOS 14 is ready to be onboard beside the latest chipset A14 or above powered in the upcoming device to launch on aforementioned launch date. The latest iPhone might be coming for you.

What will be the main features in iPhone 12 or its series? When iPhone 12 will start to sale? Where to buy iPhone 12 series? You might have a question like these, and we would update you on these as well.

Some hint of these phones are (not sure), Bionic A14 chipset powered, iOS14 operating system function, latest Arcade for better gameplay experience, Siri update, square design camera set up in rear with better tweaked lens, 5G features and Dual SIM, beside the following specs.

iPhone 12: Display 5.4-inch, Battery 2,227mAh.
iPhone 12 Max: Display 6.1-inch, Battery 2,775mAh.
iPhone 12 Pro: Display 6.1-inch, Battery 2,775mAh.
iPhone 12 Pro Max: Display 6.7-inch, Battery 3,687mAh.

iPhone 12 price: Will be updated.
iPhone 12 Max price: Will be updated.
iPhone 12 Pro price: Will be updated.
iPhone 12 Pro Max price: Will be updated.

You can time being check the iPhone 12 series launch and leak / speculation info to get some idea.

Stay tuned for more update on latest Apple gadgets.