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FAU-G replacing PUBG?

When PUBG was banned in India and the two days after everyone got to know that FAU-G is coming. It was announced as Indian version or India's product. Astonishing? Gamers are very smart and they identified its realty immediately.

Few criticize begun when most of them come to know FAU-G poster itself. The replica of the original or Stock Image with changing India's Flag. Lots of memes were around on social media. 

Why need to clone app or game when developers in India is huge? Can't they make a new one rather copied version? Like these, there were many queries and fun found online.

What to say? Hope the FAU-G game comes in an innovative game than some other available already online. 

The @nCore_games stated it is an initiative of AtmaNirbharApp. 

Fearless And United: Guards FAU:G. Hope to see in a complete new way.

If you are looking for FAU-G game release date and review etc. then stay tuned for more updates further.

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