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PUBG ban is likely to happen in India

Government of India has recently banned 59 Chinese apps due to various issues. To add it, India has banned additional 47 Chinese apps (today, July 27, 2020) and those are mostly clones to the former one, like, lite version. Example, Tiktok lite, Shareit lite etc.

Why PUBG ban in India?

PUBG PC game is actually from South Korea but the contract for the PUBG 'mobile version' has given to Tencent Games which is again Chinese company. 

Thus, most of the data (including privacy) and profit also goes to Tencent of China, so even if PUBG is not technically Chinese then still possible issue may arise. 

PUBG ban is likely to happen in India. Government of India seem considering it anytime soon.

Stay tuned for more update on this.