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Dilemma for Smartphone buyers in 2020

Year 2020 is not only somewhat strange year for most of them, and from the nature point of view but this year smartphone's buyer also would be in dilemma on choosing the smartphone though the mobile phone business is going well since a decade or so with a temporary or minor problem or setback time to time.

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As many attractive smartphones were coming, and are coming one by one beside the just launched Lenovo Legion Phone Duel, ASUS ROG Phone 3, One Plus Nord, Motorola Edge and LG Velvet high-end phones, and many more on the way in five more months (to an end year 2020)...these devices option would put the buyers' in dilemma too.

The choice can change for the end-user time to time due to tech knowledge or beyond the limit expectation of the features in the device or budget. Another one is, this year's economical reason can hold some of the interested buyers to re-think before they invest for a phone.

Few used to just ask when the XYZ smartphone will launch? Like they are going to buy for a sure. Once it is launched, they will compare with others before buying it and say these and that too to ignore and move ahead. Tech knowledge plays good role over here too. 

Again they will wait for another hype-smartphone launches and show the almost same eagerness till the launches and coming with various points repeatedly. They will then jump to a light criticize or forget or talk about one more upcoming smartphones.

Till they get an opportunity to save their money or have enough money to invest on desired one or the other suitable smartphone or brand or specs etc. it would continue.

In case if they bought the phone that was trend., Few would boast about the phone for a few weeks or so and then they would come to a conclusion that they have hurried in buying a so and so smart device without a plan. Regret a bit. Sale it.

Not all but few goes through often in a mode of cheap (affordable) and (not best) very high-end phone way to choose. Rare it happens.

Other than customer points a few, there are startup who are coming with an innovation apps and games to chase the reputed apps or games. All in all, few gamers might be confused on which phone to choose for the moment.

Smartphone designer created few good designs and very few worst designs of the phone, recently.

There are other different department for a smart device that would be covered, soon. Stay tuned.

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