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Flock’s ‘Voice Notes’ - communication seamless - Introducing new feature

Flock, the leading workplace communication and collaboration platform has launched Voice Notes to make communication seamless across teams and departments and to provide users with an enhanced work from home experience. 

Flock unveils Voice Notes to provide an enhanced remote working experience.

This (Voice Notes) feature will enable users to record and share messages with their colleagues from any part of the globe, enabling them to express themselves better.

While typing important feedback on a project or discussion will not help get all the points across, voice notes let you share your feedback or comment on a project in detail. 

Also, when you’re on the go and texting does not suffice, sending a voice note can add emphasis or context to a conversation channel quickly and clearly. 

This is because putting everything down in a written communication format is both difficult as well as time-consuming. 

Further, in textual communication, there is a possibility that an important written message may get lost in the clutter. 

Voice Notes help save a good amount of time that would have otherwise been spent writing down notes and feedback to team members.

Voice notes can also be used as a voice recorder. Instead of jotting down your to-dos and reminders, one can record them in the private ‘Me Tab’. They help you add context to a conversation especially when you are not in the mood to type it all out. 

Flock has been incessantly working towards solving the communication problems of users who are working from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

This new feature is designed to bring teams closer to one another and remove communication barriers. 

Today, with more and more people working from home and with remote working gradually becoming the new normal, Flock’s ‘Voice Notes’ feature helps users distinguish between what is important and what’s not, thereby making communication seamless.