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Migoi Studios launches Profeud - India's first fantasy eSports app

Migoi Studios Pvt Ltd has launched Profeud, India's first fantasy eSports app on June 3rd. The app allows users to create fantasy eSports teams based on current matches and are ranked based on the actual players' performance. 

Currently offering CS:GO on it's platform with other eSports titles in the pipeline.

The platform offers both free contests and cash contests of various denominations.


Profeud opens up an interesting arena in the daily fantasy sports market which has been dominated by traditional sporting events like cricket and football. Currently, it offers CS:GO matches with fantasy contests for other esports titles in the works.

Profeud co-founder Robin Dhar said that with the growing esports market in India, they have bigger plans for the app and they hope to make Profeud a cohesive platform for all things gaming in the future. 

The platform has a tie up with a leading eSports data provider which allows them coverage of virtually all the tournaments and matches being played.

Along with fantasy contests, the app also includes live streams of matches being played. The app interface is slick and minimalist and with a quick tutorial on first launch, the user experience is top notch. 

Users create their 5-a-side fantasy team with players from both the teams involved and compete against other users for a chance to top the rankings and win.

Profeud is available for both Android and iOS devices and can be found on and